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Deciding between a Multi Station Gym, Functional Trainer and All-In-One Trainer

Choosing the most suitable, durable and best priced strength home gym can be a challenge. 

Even for those who understand how different pieces of equipment function and the areas of the body they target, a simple online search can sometimes create more questions than answers. 

If you’re looking choose the perfect home gym for your training needs, then keep on reading!

This handy buyer’s guide will take a closer look at the three most popular home gyms available for strength training today: Multi Station Gyms, Functional Trainers, and All-In-One Trainers.

Quick Snapshot: Multi Station Gyms, Functional Trainer and All-In-One Trainers

The world of home strength and fitness training continues to evolve every day, with improved functionality, durability and affordability for users.

Most importantly, all three machines covered below include a compact, space-saving design that eliminates the need to buy individual pieces of equipment that do the same job and take up more room. 

Multi Station Gyms 

  • Typically has a minimum of 4 individual stations including Pec Dec, Lat Pulldown, Leg Curls/Presses and Bicep Curls.
  • Allows you to add variety and versatility to your training to work your arms, shoulders, back and legs.
  • Driven by one weight stack and a single cable system inside a central tower design.
  • Designed for a single user or multi-users households, with simultaneous workouts generally not possible. 
  • Cable attachments can be added to this machine, including Tricep Ropes, Triangles and Straight Bars.
  • Top of the range Multi Station Gyms give users the capability to perform up to 50 unique exercises
  • This is a solid option for all fitness levels, from those just beginning their strength training at home to serious performance athletes.

Man using Force USA HG100 Multigym

              Functional Trainer 

              • The perfect blend of a Multi Station Gym with the added benefit of the legendary Smith Machine.
              • Functional Trainers include a dual weight stack and cable system, plus a barbell for Squats, Deadlifts, Bench/Shoulder Press and more.
              • Allows for two people to work simultaneously with independent weight stacks and cable pulleys.
              • Generally includes a Chin Up and Dip Station plus storage options for your weights
              • Adding a variety of cable attachments such as the Tricep Rope, Close Grip Triangle Bar and Revolving Curl Row Bar can help target different muscle groups and add extra exercises to your workout. 
              • Provides the option to add an Adjustable Weight Bench allowing you to perform even more exercises.
              • If you’re looking to elevate your current workouts and train like a pro, then a Functional Trainer could be the answer.

              Woman using the Force USA Functional Trainer Dual Pulleys

                          All-In-One Trainer 

                          • The cream of the crop, an All-In-One trainer includes the very best of a Functional Trainer and Smith Machine while adding a Full or Half Power Rack into the mix.
                          • Allows for more dynamic, varied training options and session flow, with up to 11 unique stations and 400+ exercises.
                          • Offers superior customisation, with a huge variety of weight and position adjustments that are designed for more serious weight lifters and strength athletes.
                          • Allows for two people to work simultaneously, with some seriously heavy weight stacks available and innovative 2:1 and 4:1 cable pulley systems. 
                          • Provides the option to add an Adjustable Weight Bench or Lat Pulldown/Low Row Stations allowing you to perform even more exercises.
                          • A wide selection of attachments such as a Leg Press Plate, Core Trainer, Ankle Cuffs, T Bar Row Handle, Dip Bars and Jammer Arms can be added over time to create extra stations. 
                          • The high-quality design, materials and finish will last for years, with the added benefit of a Lifetime Frame Warranty on many models.
                          • There is not much that an All-In-One trainer can’t do, if you’re a commited to working on your physical health over the long term, you’ll never be bored working out on this type of machine!

                          Woman doing a bench press on the Force USA G6 All-In-One Trainer

                                        To help you understand what an All-In-One Trainer can deliver, we’ve put together this extensive Comparison Guide that gives you everything you need to know, right at your fingertips.

                                        Hang on…isn’t an All-In-One Trainer the same as a Functional Trainer?

                                        This is a very common question for people looking to buy a new home gym. While some gym equipment sellers use these terms interchangeably, there’s an important difference: All-In-One Trainers will typically include a Half or Full Power Rack, while Functional Trainers won’t.

                                        That means an All-In-One Trainer such as the popular Force USA X15 Pro Multi Trainer or Force USA X20 Pro Multi Trainer can provide more exercise and workout options for the same footprint as a typical Functional Trainer. Allowing you to use an Olympic Barbell in the same small space as you would use the pulley system. 

                                        Deciding between a Multi Station Gym, Functional Trainer and All-In-One Trainer

                                        If you’re looking to step up your home strength training and choose the best gym equipment, then it’s important to consider these three aspects to any decision you make with a Multi Station Gym, Functional Trainer or All-In-One Trainer. 

                                        1. Performance: the functionality meets your training needs now and into the future
                                        2. Footprint: the dimensions should fit comfortably in your home layout
                                        3. Price: regardless of budget, it should deliver value, durability and versatility

                                          For those who are looking to seriously invest in their home training and create a commercial level environment, then it might be time to look beyond your traditional Multi Station Gyms or Functional Trainers and consider an All-In-One Trainer.

                                          You can think of these legendary trainers as your ‘home gym for life’, helping to meet all of your strength and fitness goals for years to come!

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