Commercial Gym Equipment

With a team of commercial sales specialists, we can pair you with the right equipment for your space. See our commercial gym fit-outs or contact us to get a tailored quote today.

If you’re looking to invest on high quality and reliable gym and fitness equipment for your new gym or fitness center, then you are at the right place. GAF has a wide range of commercial equipment you can choose from strength to cardio machines under known branded names like Liberty Fitness, Healthstream and Diamond.

Gyms, fitness centers and cross training boxes are one of the fastest growing industries today. As more and more people venture on healthier options, the market for gym business is increasing in number. Although there’s a great business opportunity on gym and fitness industry, not everyone can open their own. It takes a lot of prerequisites before taking the leap and starting your own public training space. You need to have the required certifications and credentials, skills and knowledge about health and fitness are a must. Most successful gym business owners are driven by their passion to health and fitness. You must love what you are doing to be successful in this industry. Aside from the personal prerequisites, budget comes next. Commercial equipment can be costly. These are made from top quality materials and constructed to perfection to ensure decades of use without breaking. When you spend thousand of dollars on equipment, why not invest on Gym and Fitness so you can get the best out of your money?

GAF offers more than three thousand products. Our most popular items are our strength and cardio machines. These machines are also available under our commercial equipment, unlike the staple power racks, treadmills and exercise bikes, commercial gym supplies are bigger, more stable, and built to conquer. These are the bad boys of GAF, your ultimate fitness equipment. Under commercial strength, we have contraptions for the chest, shoulder, legs, back, glutes, and abdominals for a holistic approach on body workout. We also have multi-gyms like the Liberty Fitness Arizona Series Stack Jungle Series, now that’s a beast to see and try. The basic flat, incline/decline benches are also available here, as well as your power racks and dumbbell racks. Moving to commercial cardio, your must-have treadmills and exercise bikes are also here, bigger and bolder. Basically, these are your usual equipment upgraded and packed with more zing.

Household brand names of commercial fitness supplies manufacturers populate our line-up. Liberty Fitness, Healthstream Commercial, and Diamond Series are your top choices for commercial gym supplies. Known for their innovative design and durability, they are cost-worthy and a great foundation to start your gym business. GAF knows that starting your own gym can be costly, so we want to make sure you’re getting the best from your money. We have a special wholesale pricing for qualified customers, just head over our Wholesale Pricing Page.

If you’re looking for expert advices and tips to kickstart your dream business, feel free to consult from our competent sales representatives so you know what your options are, logistics, installation and product warranty, we got that covered for you. We have showrooms across Australia so you can see and try for yourself our top of the line products.