Weight Plates

Weight plates are one of the staple equipment that is frequently used in strength training exercises. They vary in size, weight, colour, and materials used. Also referred to as bumper plates, weight plates can be used alone as a workout intensifier or with a barbell rod for weight lifting exercises.

Our plates are ergonomically designed for overall comfort and ease when handled. Featuring Trip-grip handles on all heavy plates for complete commercial use your clients will surely benefit from. These are perfect for competitive weightlifting or your regular gym workout.

Under our strength category, weight plates are one the basics you need to have. It is one of the important foundations of strength training. Made to last for decades to come, you can drop, pound, and throw these plates with ease so you can focus more on your posture and workout. Featuring a specially designed grip that can handle extreme conditions which is perfect for your gym or fitness centre where a lot of clients are using these. Our weight plates are available in different sizes, weight, and colours so you’re getting the precise result you want. The colour and embossed weight information help in organising and easier handling. You know which one to use at first glance. The one-piece forged construction makes for the solid and compact feel you get from our weight plates. For added safety, we’ve also integrated rubber coating which protect both the plate and your flooring.

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