Functional Training Equipment

Cross Training is the principal strength and conditioning program for many police academies and tactical operations teams, military special operations units, champion martial artists, and hundreds of other elite and professional athletes worldwide.

Cross Training exercises can be done anywhere and with anything; but, to excel you need the right Cross Training equipment.

Physical fitness is defined as a general state of health and well-being. The ability to function well on different sports and activities. For some, performing sports and an active lifestyle is not enough, they want more. The more challenging it is, the better. After all, there’s nothing better than conquering your weakness and beating the impossible. To break free with the norms of fitness training, more and more people are discovering the benefits of cross-training. Cross-training takes advantage of the various elements, movements, exercises done at a relatively high intensity. A type of training that tests not only your physical capability, it challenges your mindset, your will, your determination to succeed. Can I do this? Can I finish this workout? Can I break out my from my comfort zone and achieve things I thought I'm not capable of?

Cross-training has a lot of benefits. Primarily, this type of workout enhances one’s functionality by increasing body strength and endurance. Weight training is one of the vital components of cross-training. The involvement of dumbbells, kettlebells, and barbells, carefully incorporated in each workout is very effective in strengthening the muscles. It also promotes perseverance by aiming to carry heavier weight through constant training and practice. Proper posture is also very crucial in cross-training. It is a sport done under extreme safety precautions with close supervision from professional cross-trainers.

Cross-training at its complexity, also involves staple gym equipment, that is, the cardio machine. Mostly used cardio equipment for cross-training are the rowers and exercise bikes. These enhances your stamina and endurance which is vital for cross-training. It is pertinent your body is properly warmed up and conditioned before proceeding to high intensity workouts, such as cross-training, to avoid any injuries. As you may notice, cross-training integrates aerobic exercises, through cardio blasts, and strength exercises, through bodyweight or free weights training. Gymnastics and olympic weight training components are also integrated in cross-training. Gymnastics improves balance, flexibility, range of motion, as well as strength. Olympic weight training, evidently, is for strength purposes but it also beneficial on your posture and focus. It may seem effortless when you see someone carrying a 50kg barbell, but this sport involves serious training and focus. Aside from optimising physical aspects such as endurance, stamina, range of motion, strength, speed, balance and precision, many are exploring cross-training for its weight loss benefits. The integration of various extreme exercises burns loads of calories compared to your usual gym training. It is a holistic approach to fitness training and it’s not a shocker cross-training is very popular.

If you’re looking to start your cross-training gym, you’re at the right place. When choosing supplies for cross-training, opt for the highest quality equipment that can withstand extreme pounding and throwing and should last for years. GAF has prepared a selection of equipment from cardio machines, to free weights, to power racks, down to your footwear. All the supplies you need for cross-training are here. Challenge yourself and beat the odds. Break the norms of traditional fitness training and discover what you can achieve with cross-training.