Cable Attachments

From ankle cuffs and stirrups to tricep ropes and row bars, you'll find all your cable machine attachment essentials at Gym and Fitness. Make sure you or your gym users have the equipment they need for any workout plan by having a comprehensive range of gym attachments for cable machines ready to go.

Versatile, clever cable attachments to hit all your fitness goals.

Keeping a variety of gym cable attachments on hand in your home or studio is the best way to get the most out of your setup. Easy to detach and swap over, each cable machine accessory is designed to train a specific range of movements. The versatility of cable machines, Smith machines and similar units allows these cable attachments to be connected in different positions, targeting each muscle group for a full-body workout.

Discover heavy-duty gym cable accessories of premium quality.

Exclusively sourced from reputable brands worldwide, you'll only find cable attachments from industry-leading names such as Force USA in our range. When you fit out a gym, whether it's your garage or a commercial space, attachments for cable machines are essential to get the most out of a workout session. You can trust that you're getting your hands on premium quality, long-lasting cable attachments when you shop our range.

Buy all the cable machine attachments and accessories you need.

After you've added your cable attachments to your basket, why not take a look at our other accessories before you check out? Shop our range of hooks, swivels and hangers to ensure you have all the right accessories for your cable machine, Smith machine, and other similar units.

If you would like a hand choosing between the different cable machine attachments or have any questions, please contact us. We have knowledgeable staff and PTs ready to help you transform your training space.


Cable Attachments

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