Elliptical Cross Trainers

Cross Trainers or popularly known as Ellipticals are effective cardio equipment and now the go-to choice of most for weight loss. It burns more calories than the classic treadmill or exercise bike, plus, it has a low impact effect on the body. Unlike your usual treadmill or exercise bike that have high-impact on the knees, ellipticals have minimal impact on the joints, perfect for those with special health conditions or considerations.


Cross Trainers are a great investment. They are made to last for years plus the health benefits you can acquire. It is a great cardio machine with low impact on the joints. It targets the arms, shoulders, legs, and core in one simple motion. You don’t get that on your ordinary treadmill. But if you’re still unsure of which equipment is perfect for you. Here’s a quick info about treadmills:

Gym and Fitness offers a wide range selections of cardio equipment, but definitely, treadmills are the most popular and our best sellers. Treadmill is a basic machine that is always present on any gym or fitness centre. It is also becoming the cardio equipment choice at home since today’s treadmills are sleeker, more compact, and space friendly. Possibly the best advantage you can get from a treadmill is accessibility. Rain or shine, day or night, your treadmill is always ready for you anytime, any day of the week. Imagine having the comfort of hopping on one of these solid machines at your convenience. Grab a quick 15-minute run before taking your breakfast to energise your lazy mornings. Got spare time on your afternoon schedule? Suit up and jump on! Relieve your stress from a day’s work and sweat it out on your running deck before you hit the sack. It is proven that running improves metabolism and sleep quality. Now that’s how you end your day. Wake up feeling great and ready to face another day.

Primarily, if compared side by side, ellipticals are great for any individual as for the treadmill, if you have a weak knee or, your joints can’t take that much impact, then it’s not the machine for you. However, the accessibility and convenience it gives are some factors you can’t disregard. Also, some people find it difficult to use a cross trainer, on the other hand, treadmills use the very basic movement of running/walking so it’s easy to use in a daily basis. Bottom line is, ellipticals are designed and constructed to offer minimal impact cardio exercise. It gives you the benefits of regular aerobic workout without posing injuries.

Aside from cross trainer and treadmills, we also have collection of exercise bikes and rowing machines. These are great for conditioning the body and they greatly improves endurance and lung capacity. Available in different design and brands, you’ll definitely find the perfect equipment for you.

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