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Top 8 Exercise Bikes For At-Home Workouts

When the Peloton exercise bike exploded on the scene, everyone sat up and took notice. However, the fact is that indoor exercise bikes have been around for years now, and cycling enthusiasts already know that this piece of equipment is efficient if you want to enjoy a fun, engaging and full-body workout without leaving your own four walls.

However, the big question that comes to mind is, “which is the best exercise bike for use at home?” And that’s because more people than ever are looking to build a well-stocked home gym. For days when the weather is just not that great or when dealing with unfortunate lockdown restrictions, a home exercise bike can make all the difference.

Let’s dive right into our list of the best exercise bikes in Australia.

What to look for in an exercise bike

Before you take your indoor workouts to the next level with an exercise bike, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Starting with, what’s your intent and goal in buying an indoor exercise bike? Are you looking for a more relaxed, seated position when cycling? If so, a recumbent bike is right for you. Or perhaps you’re looking to complement your CrossFit training? In this case, you’re looking for the best exercise bike for weight loss at home, which is an Assault bike.

What you look for in a home exercise bike will vary based on its intended use, positioning and even whether or not you need pre-built workout routines. Some bikes, for example, come with fitness apps that give you ready-made workouts that your indoor exercise bike can then sync with and display.

Here’s what to consider when shopping for the best exercise bikes in Australia:

  • Does it have a large, clear display (and is having one important to you)?
  • Is the bike’s shape, seat and design something that you’ll actually enjoy riding?
  • Do you need to have a way to move the exercise bike around?
  • Is space, and, therefore, size, an issue for you?
  • Are you looking for an upright orientation or a design that feels more like a traditional bicycle?

Which is the best exercise bike for use at home?

There are several options for the best exercise bikes in Australia and they each come with their perks. Let’s take a look at the top 8 home exercise bike options.

1. Assault Fitness Assault Bike

This is the classic model of Assault Fitness bikes and is very well known for its place in CrossFit training programs worldwide. The frame is crafted from high-tensile steel with a powder coating for ultimate durability. The handles and the seat are designed to help you ramp up resistance as you push and pull for the ultimate self-guided workout.

Assault Bike Exercise
2. Freeform Cardio Air Bike

Similar to the Assault Fitness Assault Bike, the Freeform Cardio Air Bike features a 62.5 cm diameter steel fan, a 4-way adjustable seat, and a simple but essential LCD monitor to track. It’s designed to give you upper and lower body conditioning, and it’s a fantastic alternative to the Assault Fitness exercise bikes.

 Freeform Airbike

3. Vortex V1000 Spin Bike

The heavy-duty Vortex V1000 indoor exercise bike features a 20 kg flywheel, so you’ll be able to get a whopping workout each time. In contrast to its sizable flywheel, it has a lightweight, durable frame and a super-smooth belt drive. It’s also quite a compact package, so you can fit it in tight spaces.

Vortex Spin Bike
4. Freeform RB7 Recumbent Bike

This recumbent bike is the perfect piece of home training equipment catered to all fitness levels and the heavy-duty front transport wheels make it easy to maneuver. Track your heart rate and progress your endurance with 12 preset training programs and 32 levels of resistance, you will be seeing quick improvements with a consistent training load on this home gym staple.

Recumbent Bike
5. Horizon GR 6 indoor cycle

For an indoor exercise bike, the Horizon GR 6 comes with all the bells and whistles. It features a 16 kg flywheel, neat transport wheels, ready-made workout feedback like time, distance, heart rate, RPM and speed metrics. In addition, you will enjoy a comfortable workout experience thanks to an ergonomically adjustable frame and customisable touchpoints.

Horizon Spin Bike
6. Assault Fitness Elite Bike V2

The Elite model of Assault Fitness bike steps you up from the classic model. It features an upgraded, ergonomic seat and a design created specifically for interval training. You’ll be able to pedal in either direction, forward or backward, and isolate the upper and lower body during workouts.

Assault Bike Elite
7. Yesoul S3 Pro Spin Bike

When it comes to cardio sessions at home, you need to ensure your equipment is comfortable enough to keep you coming back for more. The Yesoul S3 Pro provides you with a pleasantly smooth ride while offering 100 levels of resistance so you can easily move between intensity levels. There are multiple modes and features to adjust to your suitability and the 10.5-inch touchscreen console connects with the Yesoul training apps so you can customise every single workout.

Yesoul Spin Bike
8. Horizon Comfort R Recumbent Bike

The Horizon Comfort R exercise bike is a machine purposely designed for function. It features a comfortable, adjustable seat, two sets of handlebars, ten motivational workout preset programs and console data readily available on a screen display. In addition, its magnetic resistance system provides 16 tension levels, and you can change these up with virtually no sound.

Horizon Recumbent Bike

Ride strong with Gym and Fitness exercise bikes

An exercise bike benefits anyone who wants to maintain an active lifestyle. But it’s especially useful for people who have trouble with their knees and still need to get their daily cardio workouts in. When you’re ready to ride strong, head over to Gym and Fitness and browse our range of exercise bikes today.

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