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How Much Exercise is Necessary?

Exercise is important to maintain cardiovascular health as well as good body weight for an overall healthier person. To achieve this, how much physical activity is necessary? Some say just thirty minutes a day is enough, but others say at least an hour a day is needed. This is physical exercise added to the daily routines such as walking on cheap treadmills or jogging.

The busy schedules of many people make it hard for them to do this amount of exercise on a daily basis, but exercise is completely necessary for a healthier person. Any amount of exercise that a person can do each day is one step closer to reducing his or her cardiovascular risk. The more exercise someone does each day the better, whether it is thirty minutes or one hour worth of physical exercise on fitness cardio equipment.

According to some studies, it has been noticed that regular exercise for at least twenty to thirty minutes each day for at least three to five days each week can help reduce the risk of heart disease, but it might not be enough to help lose weight. Exercise of any kind or amount is better than none at all. Every step someone takes to reduce his or her risk of cardiovascular diseases is one step closer to a healthier life.

How much exercise is sufficient? Moderate to vigorous exercise is needed each week to ensure an improved body in looks and health. Endurance exercises can include walking fast, jogging, dancing, elliptical cross trainer or even riding exercise bikes. Mix these routines with some other forms of exercise during the week for a good healthy exercise program. At least a minimum of thirty minutes a day for at least five days is the best, but if more is possible it will improve weight loss and health.

The amount of exercise that is needed by an individual depends on age, sex, risk factors and fitness levels. Since everybody is different, they each may need a different amount of exercise for their bodies. These factors will need to be considered in deciding how much exercise each individual may need.

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