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Common Workout Mistakes People Make in the Gym

There are millions of average people who honestly want to lose weight or to keep in shape. Physicians recommend it, any diet that you go on will mention exercise somewhere, but there is typically no one to give directions and hints when you get into the gym. What generally happens is that the newcomers, or even those who have been attending for some time, tend to fall into bad habits and nobody corrects them. Here are common mistakes that can hinder progress, or even lead to minor injuries. Take a minute to look at this list that may have unknowingly picked up.

  1. No warm-up. Muscles need to be warmed up before the session begins because general use does not require much flexibility. Take just a few minutes to use the fitness cardio equipment, the exercise bikes, or some Pilate stretches to simply stretch your legs and arms. Flexibility reduces injuries and gives you more control throughout your workout.
  1. Talking too much while ‘working out.’ It’s great to know others and to be friendly at your gym, but don’t stay on the cheap treadmills, socializing for the entire time. Have a glass of juice before you start, or a protein smoothie after. Juice will give you energy, and the protein will restore your muscles and you can focus on your workout.
  1. Not setting goals. Goal setting can be as easy, or as strict as you desire, but set some boundaries. This can be committing to a time limit on the elliptical cross trainer, or the rowing machines. You want to leave the gym knowing that you successfully completed your task.
  1. Know the basics. One hour of aerobics, the cheap treadmills, or aerobics class, typically burns 360 calories. For the free weights, three sets of 10 on the weights is a good rule to live by. You can always add more weight or more reps.
  1. Never changing your workout. The average person needs to mix up their exercise every so often to work all the muscles, and not overwork. Workout every other day to let the muscle rest and restore.

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