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Do’s And Don’ts In The Gym

Whether you are a beginner or a regular gym-goer, you don’t have any excuse to behave inappropriately while working out. Men or women, at the end of the day, we’re all just individuals who want to have a nice, smooth workout. For a beginner, entering the gym is like your first day in school. You don’t know anyone, people expect too much of you, and you don’t actually know where to start.

You will, for sure, make mistakes and then make another one then make more the next day. For regular gym users, overconfidence and heedless actions will lead to injuries. accidents, and I-wish-the-ground-would-swallow-me-up moments.

There are ways to avoid these from happening, so here are the Do’s and Don’ts in the gym:

When you enter the gym…

Do ask for a tour if you’re a beginner. You are unquestionably a paying customer and should, in all your rights, know where are the cardio equipment, the free weight plates section, the water station etc. It’s your first day, you should know where are the good stuff! Welcome newbies and greet familiar faces if you’re a regular. Building relationships is one of your advantages, because you’ll never know when you’ll need someone to spot you, and besides conversations make your workout less toxic.

Don’t act like you know everything. As a newbie, we understand your struggles. We’ve all been there and acting like you don’t need help will not do you any good. On the other hand, don’t act like a know-it-all gym counsellor. You’re not working for the gym as a trainer right? And besides, do you like other people blabbering out that your technique is not right or you’re doing it all wrong?

While working out…

If you need help while doing bench presses, ask a spotter. It’s better to be safe than having heavy barbells on your chest or worst, on your face. Squat stands and power racks are for squatting, there are curl racks for bicep curls.

Don’t use the power or squat rack for your bicep curls, if the gym is crowded and racks are limited, spare yourself some dignity and avoid being called “that guy who do bicep curls on a power rack.”

Share the water dispenser. If you’re filling up huge water bottles then let the next person get his/her glass of water first.

Don’t interrupt someone in the middle of a set, if you want to work in, wait until he/she finishes. Also, don’t keep equipment to yourself, share and earn a friend.

After working out…

Do clean your equipment after using them, be it sweat or chalk and do other users a favour and return them where they belong.

Isn’t it frustrating when you can’t find a pair of barbells?

The gym is not just a place where you exercise, for some, it’s a sanctuary—a place where people share the same passion for fitness.

Let’s keep it that way then.

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