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Ways to Easily Add More Fruits and Vegetables to Your Diet

Staying healthy and fit can be tough for anyone – especially if you aren’t eating natural foods and taking advantage of food options that will fill you up and are great for you and your body. It’s very beneficial to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet not only to balance your weight but to get the nutrients you need daily. Here’s how you can easily add more fruits and vegetables to your diet:

1. Put it into a smoothie:
If you don’t like the texture of fruits and vegetables or just don’t like eating them whole, you can always make a great and delicious smoothie out of them. There are hundreds of different combinations you can create, each healthy and fresh. Have a homemade smoothie for break fest or as a nice treat in the day time. It will keep you hydrated and you’ll get all of your fruits and vegetables in one serving.

2. Use dips and make eating fruits delicious:
Don’t like the plain taste of vegetables? you can always buy dips, such as peanut butter or hummus, and have it with your vegetables. Eat it as a snack so you can still enjoy your favourite meals without placing too many veggies in them. As for fruits, you can buy fat-free vanilla ice cream and top it off with fresh-cut fruits. It will make it that much easier to eat your required fruits and vegetables.

3.Sneak your veggies in your food:
One easy way to add vegetables and hardly notice you’re eating them is to place them in foods and meals where you can’t even see them. For example, try placing green onions and tomatoes in omelettes or other meals. It will be hard to notice them or even taste them when they are hidden well!

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