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Why Dumbbells Are Better Than Kettlebells?

In order to meet and exceed your fitness goals, you need to have the right equipment by your side. Regardless of age or experience, the right gear helps to improve your performance and keep you motivated over time. When you're designing a workout space, you need to make smart buying decisions to bring your fitness goals to life. While advanced trainers and fitness machines are a great addition to any space, simple dumbbells and kettlebells also have a role to play.

Dumbbells and kettlebells are used in many fitness routines, from curls and lunges to squats, swings, and presses. Depending on how they're used, these simple devices can improve strength, muscle tone, endurance, and coordination. While they might seem basic, there's a good reason why dumbbells and kettlebells are found in home gyms, fitness studios, and commercial gyms all over the world.

Whether you want to build muscle mass, gain strength or tone your body, it's important to buy strength equipment based on your fitness levels and workout space. When you have simple equipment close at hand, you're more likely to set up sustainable exercise habits that grow with you over time. Let's take a look at key differences between dumbbells and kettlebells, and why dumbbell packages are the preferred option in most situations.

Kettlebells vs dumbbells

Before you buy any kind of weight lifting equipment, you need to understand your options. While dumbbells and kettlebells can be used to perform similar exercises, they have their own unique shape and can be used for very different exercise routines:

  • Dumbbells are a popular piece of free-weight equipment used in many weight training regimes. They are designed to be picked up or manipulated by a single hand and consist of a rod with equal weights attached to the handle. With dumbbells, the weight is evenly displaced on both sides of the handle.

  • Kettlebells feature a distinct free weight design, with a weighted ball and handle combination used for strength, cardio, and flexibility training. The handle is attached to the top of the ball, which enables different exercise options. With kettlebells, the weight sits below the handle, which can be held with one or two hands.

Common dumbbell variations

Dumbbells have two primary types: fixed-weight designs and adjustable designs. Fixed dumbbells are set at a specific weight that can't be changed over time. Adjustable dumbbells enable free weights to be loaded and unloaded, which makes them more versatile for home gyms and small commercial spaces. There are multiple pros and cons associated with these designs, from performance issues to ease of use, size and cost. Dumbbells have a fairly simple construction, which makes them ideal for bicep curls, lunges, one-arm swings and bench and shoulder press variations.

Man working out hex dumbbells

Kettlebell construction

Kettlebells are also fairly simple in construction, with a robust handle attached to a weighted ball for easy lifting and manipulation. Unlike dumbbells, all kettlebell designs look fairly similar, with differences mostly down to weight, size, materials and colour. Unlike dumbbells, the centre of mass is extended beyond the hand, which makes them ideal for swinging and ballistic movements. Many kettlebell exercises involve repetition to help build strength and endurance in the shoulders, lower back and legs. Common kettlebell exercises include swings, squats, windmills and clean and press variations.


Advantages of dumbbells over kettlebells

Dumbbells offer many advantages over kettlebells, including greater versatility, even weight distribution and better physical alignment. They offer numerous performance advantages and are associated with fewer workout accidents and injuries. This is mostly due to alignment issues, with the dumbbell sitting directly over the palm when in use and the kettlebell sitting behind the wrist. Many kettlebell exercises create unwanted torque due to external rotation of the glenohumeral joint, which can lead to muscle strain and injury.

In many situations, dumbbells perform better than kettlebells when doing the same exercise. Once again, this is mostly down to grip and physical alignment, with reduced off-centre movements leading to greater stability and less power loss through the wrist. Along with efficiency, dumbbells allow you to work out both sides of your body at the same time. While kettlebells can be gripped with both hands for a full-body workout, they don't provide as much control over specific muscle groups.

Despite their shortcomings, however, kettlebells are highly efficient when used for certain exercises. Like always, the results you achieve are widely dependent on the type of exercise you are doing and how well it is programmed and performed. For example, while dumbbells feel more efficient and natural during static strength movements, kettlebells can achieve great results during dynamic movements such as cleans, swings and snatches.

Kettlebell Squat Exercise

The Gym and Fitness difference

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