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Essential Home Gym Equipment Maintenance

Don’t let the word maintenance hinder you from investing time and energy in following through with the upkeep of your home gym equipment. You’ve invested and purchased your gym set up and love having the accessibility of having a private gym, and by knowing exactly how to follow a gym equipment maintenance plan, you’ll find your home gym to remain clean all year round. 

Knowing how to care for your equipment correctly is crucial. Still, more importantly, understanding why it’s essential for you to incorporate fitness equipment maintenance in your routine will benefit you in the long run. Here’s our guide on how to care for your home gym equipment, plus the importance of essential maintenance

Why do you need to maintain your home gym?

Have you ever noticed dust forming on commercial gym equipment? Probably not, and that’s because commercial gyms are thoroughly wiped down and cleaned during the day and late at night. It's important to ensure you're cleaning your home gym regularly, particularly if your home gym is in an environment that attracts lots of dust, like a garage. Not only can dust get into the nooks and crannies of your home gym equipment, but it can also cause it to lock up over time, where some parts of machines require lubrication, especially with pin-loaded machines. When this happens, dust interferes with this lubrication and can cause parts to fail. Besides, who wants to train in a dusty gym anyway? 

Plus, if you have allergies, it can cause further issues and make your workout session more uncomfortable. Simply do a weekly dusting of all your gym equipment, and make sure to keep dusting wipes on standby so you can always do a quick check during your workout. 

Whether your home gym is outdoors or in your garage, dust and dirt will always find their way in. Make sure to do weekly vacuums and sweep any debris out of your home gym. It is vital to keep your gym free from dirt, dust, and debris, to protect the longevity of your equipment and maintain a healthy workout environment. 

Wipe down after yourself

Did you know that human sweat causes corrosion? Wiping your equipment down after each session is important in preventing this from happening. After sweating on your bench or dumbbells, you may gradually notice rust forming and your gym equipment not looking as new as it once did. Not only will your equipment rust, but the fabric on your machines can show wear and tear. Accordingly, maintaining your home gym equipment increases its durability and is essential for preventative care. 

Just because you’re not at your commercial gym where they make it mandatory to wipe down after yourself — especially after the Covid outbreak — doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do the same. Body sweat can damage your bench, barbells, and dumbbells. Make sure to use a towel when training on a bench and use anti-bacterial wipes after every workout. 

Conduct daily wipe downs and make sure you regularly check your equipment for any signs of wear and tear — hints of rust, discoloration, wear and tear, or cracks on your leather bench. Sure, you may be the only person using it, but it still needs to be a safe space, free from bacteria caused by sweat, spit, and dirt.

Gym Maintenance Kettlebell Clean

Lubricate your machine

With every pin-loaded machine, there needs to be lubrication applied, especially with cable stations. This ensures the cables run smoothly and don’t get stuck as the constant friction and heat can cause damage to your machine. Using a silicone lubricant spray on your machines can prevent any rusting and ensure your machines work efficiently. You can always speak with our team at Gym and Fitness for more advice on which lubricant spray would work best for your gym equipment maintenance check. 

Keep it fresh and hygienic

Consider installing a fan in your home gym garage to get some ventilation, or if you are outside, you have the fresh cool air to not only keep cool you down but rid your space of any unpleasant odours. Use disinfectant wipes on your equipment and spray your home gym with an air freshener to keep it smelling good. You don’t want your home gym to be a home to bacteria and germs. Keep hand sanitiser on standby, which is also great for having friends or family also using your home gym. Keep everyone safe with a fresh and hygienic gym environment and conduct monthly deep cleans to keep your gym safe, clean, and fresh. 

Gym maintenance made easy 

Your home gym equipment maintenance doesn't need to be complicated. Remember to conduct weekly checks and that the more consistent you are with your fitness equipment maintenance, the longer it’ll last and be in good use for plenty of workouts to come. 

If you ever need to add more to your home gym or need expert advice on cleaning and maintaining your set-up, call the fitness experts at Gym and Fitness. We’d be happy to help you set up and maintain your home gym.

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