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3 Reasons Why Workout Gear And Equipment Is Essential

Exercising one hour a day has been scientifically proven to improve your mental and physical health. But getting the maximum benefit is relies heavily on your exercise preference, along with the workout gear and equipment that works best for your specific needs.

Workout Equipment Is Essential - Dumbbells | Gym and Fitness

Whether you love yoga or prefer resistance training with kettlebells and dumbbells, the essential workout gear you wear and the equipment you use can impact your performance and overall fitness journey. Just think about how much more efficient, safe, comfortable, and effective your workout will be with the right essential workout gear.

Here are three reasons why workout gear and equipment is essential for gym and exercise enthusiasts, no matter how new or experienced you may be.

1. Comfort is key

From your running to your powerlifting, the gym clothing you wear can help your performance and workout. No athlete can run a marathon without comfortable and quality running shoes, and no yoga enthusiast can execute their positions without comfortable, stretchy and breathable gym leggings. Your workout gear needs to be comfortable, sweat-resistant, flexible, compact and suitable for the type of exercise or movement you're performing. It can also add to your aesthetic and style.

But as much as we love to look cool during our workout, it makes no sense if we end up wearing restrictive clothing. It can prevent us from performing certain exercises correctly if we can’t move at the maximum range of motion — this is particularly true for functional training.

Workout Equipment Is Essential - Yoga Stretchy Leggings | Gym and Fitness

2. Save time

As much as bodyweight workouts can give you a decent workout, having access to workout equipment is the best way to make a difference in your routine and see improved results. If you are looking to work on your cardio fitness, then you can do a HIIT workout with limited equipment such as a kettlebell, battle ropes and a box step.

Having gym equipment can help you save time as it increases your exercise efficiency and helps you see better results more quickly. Investing in essential gym gear also means you can train from home and don't necessarily have to go to a commercial gym to get results, saving lots of time on commuting.

Imagine having to do 50 bodyweight lunges to target your quads — you’ll only start feeling the burn at around rep 25! Plus, if you're looking to stack on muscle mass, you want to be close to maxing out at 8-12 reps. By having workout gear and equipment, you’ll get a more efficient workout and see results more rapidly.

Workout Equipment Is Essential - Kettlebell | Gym and Fitness

3. Less risk of injury

Whether it’s the workout clothing you wear or the equipment you use, your risk of injury can be reduced if you use proper workout gear and equipment. The proper attire for your particular exercise or sport ultimately dictates how you perform. From your footwear to your headwear, you can prevent injury by wearing the proper attire. Many athletes prefer to wear heel-elevated shoes for their squats, and then you have others that would rather go barefoot. Selecting the right choice for your preferred training style, plus the exercise or movement you’re performing, is essential.

As for the equipment, when you start using free weights or even your own bodyweight there is still a chance of injuring yourself, especially if you have nothing to support you. Instead of opting for bodyweight squats — which require you to have good ankle and hip mobility — you could use a leg press machine or even opt for a squat rack with safety bars. By using a leg press, for example, you won’t be using your lower back, and you also have the safety support to help you if you get stuck.

By controlling the path and range of motion and aligning the amount of force you would produce to match the strength of your muscles, your body will then get a more efficient and, ultimately safer workout.

Setting up for success

Set yourself up for success with quality gym gear and equipment that will help you achieve your goals, whether that’s running a marathon or competing as a powerlifter. Start now and set the pace for your future self and watch how you grow physically and mentally.

Workout Equipment Is Essential - Power Lifting | Gym and Fitness

By having your essential gym gear, you’ll be set for a productive, safe and effective workout. Improve your strength, fitness and overall health with your workout gear and equipment. Before making a purchase, take some time to research which workout gear will work best for your goals and specific needs. Whether you're shopping for running shoes, leggings, shorts, tank tops or even functional training gym equipment, it’s always best to check out online reviews ahead of time — this will help you make the best decision for buying your essential gym gear.

If you’re looking to add to your exercise regime with state of the art functional training gym equipment, then our team at Gym and Fitness can help you achieve your fitness goals today.

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