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7 Reasons A Home Gym Is Better Than A Commercial Gym

Every gym junkie has a different reason for working out at a commercial gym. Whether they’re looking to challenge themselves, grow physically and mentally, hit new goals, connect with like-minded people — and sometimes even a bit of old-fashioned grandstanding — the gym is a place where everyone is welcome to better themselves. 

The gym is the perfect place to unwind, work on your fitness and take out any frustration by lifting heavy iron, and in doing so, release much-needed endorphins. In saying that, opting for a home gym vs commercial gym has become even more prevalent since early 2020. The moment lockdowns took effect, more and more fitness enthusiasts had no choice but to create their home gym, often for the first time.

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Because of this, many people have enjoyed the experience of creating their own home gym and prefer it over going back to their commercial gym. It’s now become the norm where many fitness enthusiasts and gym-goers prefer their own space, and we don’t blame them. Here are the reasons why a home gym is better than a commercial gym.

1. Long-term cost savings

Cost savings? Surely not! Gym equipment can be expensive, after all. But take a closer look at the cash you’re currently laying out — gym membership fees, joining fees, access tags, commuting to and from the gym, and all the other incidental costs. It all starts to add up pretty quickly, and when you stretch that over a period of years…

So while setting up a home gym can be a bit of an investment initially, you’re actually setting yourself up for long-term success. If it’s properly maintained, stored and cared for, your home gym setup can last you for years. Plus, as you’ll be the only person using the equipment, you can always ensure that you’re buying the gear and equipment that best suits your needs.

2. Extra time

Your gym could have the best commercial gym equipment, and it still wouldn’t be as valuable as the time you would be saving by having a home gym. If you commute 30 minutes a day to make it to your commercial gym, you’re either lacking sleep, not spending enough time with family, rushing your workout or skipping the gym as the commute can be time-consuming and tedious with heavy traffic. But, by having your home gym, you simply have to change into your workout gear, and head to your home garage or outdoors set up.

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3. Privacy

Have you ever wanted to try a particular exercise or even grunt loudly at the gym, but felt uncomfortable, judged or simply embarrassed? Having a home gym allows you to try any activity without worrying about anyone watching. Plus, you can grunt as loud as you like without disrupting others around you. You can even wear whatever you want and enjoy the privacy to work out in your pyjama pants without any judgment. This includes your choice of footwear. Many powerlifters prefer to train barefoot, and if that’s something you would like to try, you can do the same without worrying about violating any OHS policies. Just make sure you don’t stub your foot or drop a plate on your toes.

4. No distractions

We all know how frustrating it can be when we step into a commercial gym and every machine is taken, or too many people are conversing rather than getting a workout in. Even if you don’t go to the gym for social interaction, there’ll always be external distractions from people asking if they can share a machine with you, taking a rest break, and people trying to start a conversation. Waiting for a free machine can also be quite distracting and disruptive for your workout, but a home gym holds zero distractions. It’s only you and your gym equipment. Play your preferred music, take your time with each set, and focus only on your workout.

5. Your personal sanctuary

Having the best workout machine for home gyms adds that extra touch to your workout and home gym space. By having your preferred machines, free weights and set up, you’ll be able to create your personal sanctuary and escape. There’s always something we wish we could change or add to our commercial gym. You can design and create the space you’ve always wanted by having a home gym without anyone’s objection. Perhaps you only want strength training equipment instead of a space for recovery and conditioning — whichever you prefer, your home gym can be set up however you see fit. You can even speak with our team at Gym and Fitness for a personalised gym fit out quote, or you browse our home gym essentials online.

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6. 24/7 access

Sometimes you want to lift some iron at the crack of dawn or late at night — but you can’t access your commercial gym 24/7. By having a home gym, you can train for as long as you want without having to rush your workout before closing time, and you can train any day of the week. This is especially useful for parents who need a babysitter during commercial gym opening times. You can even exercise with your children and keep them active by using the home gym together.

7. More hygienic

Since the pandemic, many of us have been more cautious of staying safe and healthy by using hand sanitiser and maintaining social distance. Having a home gym can prevent the spread of bacteria and germs as you won’t be sharing your equipment with anyone else.

There are many advantages to having a home gym vs a commercial gym, and at the same time, there are also disadvantages. Those who purchase a home gym may find they’re more disciplined in staying consistent, and then others would say going to a commercial gym keeps them motivated as other gym-goers surround them. We believe you can always have both, but if you consider creating a home gym, make sure you create a plan and list exactly what you need. Let’s get started on building your home gym with the team at Gym and Fitness today.

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