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Adjustable Dumbbells Vs Fixed Dumbbells: Which Dumbbell Set Should You Buy?

In the health and fitness world, the equipment you use can make all the difference. Whether you work out at a small home gym or visit a large commercial studio, good-quality gear helps to improve performance, reduce injury risks and even fuel motivation throughout the week. As a staple in most gyms, and foundation of many strength exercises, the dumbbells you choose have a big influence on your workout habits and routines.

Dumbbells might seem a bit basic, but they are highly effective and popular in the fitness industry. When buying dumbbells, you can choose between adjustable models and fixed designs. It's important to buy products that meet your immediate fitness needs but can also fit with your fitness space.

If you want to find the best dumbbells for your home gym, you need to understand the options available.

Adjustable Dumbbells Vs Fixed Dumbbells - Fixed Dumbbell Workout | Gym and Fitness

What are dumbbells?

Before we get into the options, let’s start with defining what dumbbells are.

A dumbbell is a common type of strength equipment used in weight training regimes. They are designed to be picked up by a single hand and consist of a rod with equal weights attached to each end of the handle. Dumbbells can be used individually or in pairs, depending on the exercise. Despite their simple construction, innovation in the fitness industry has led to multiple dumbbell designs.

Adjustable vs fixed dumbbells

Dumbbells come in multiple shapes and sizes, from fixed designs to adjustable products with plate-loaded or selectorised loading mechanisms. As you might expect, fixed-weight dumbbells are a solid construction with a specific weight. This weight can't be changed during use and the only way to increase or decrease the weight, is by selecting a larger or smaller dumbbell.

In contrast, adjustable dumbbells, as their name suggests, are designed to be changed, with different mechanisms used to add or remove weights when needed. There are pros and cons associated with each system, from safety and ease of use to size, cost and performance. Remember, the best dumbbell set is the one that fits with your lifestyle and meets your fitness goals.

Adjustable Dumbbells Vs Fixed Dumbbells - PowerBlock Dumbbells | Gym and Fitness

Fixed dumbbells

When you're comparing dumbbell products, it's important to start with the basics. Fixed dumbbells are compact, durable, affordable and safe to use. They are sold with set weight limits, from small 2.5 kg and 5 kg models all the way up to 40 kg and 50 kg. There are many types of fixed dumbbells out there. Some have a circular or square design, while others feature the classic “hex” dumbbell shape. Fixed dumbbells are made from a variety of materials, with some products manufactured with a urethane or neoprene rubber coating.

Adjustable Dumbbells Vs Fixed Dumbbells - Fixed Dumbbell Row | Gym and Fitness
Key advantages of fixed dumbbells

Fixed dumbbells feature a simple and stable design, which makes them safe, super tough and easy to use in different environments. With these products, there is no need to make adjustments before, during or after your workout. You simply select the correct weight for the exercise at hand. These weights are particularly effective for supersets, drop sets and other training techniques that involve quick switching between weights or body positions as long as you have access to multiple sizes.

Key disadvantages of fixed dumbbells

Seeing as fixed dumbbells cannot be adjusted, it is necessary to own multiple sets, as one size will not accommodate all the different exercises you perform. Similarly, once you begin to grow stronger over time, you will need to increase the amount of weight you lift which means, yep, you guessed it — more dumbbells. And while a single pair of fixed dumbbells are relatively inexpensive, once you start purchasing multiple sets to accommodate a diverse training routine and strength progression, the cost does begin to add up. In addition, if you have a smaller home gym, a whole collection of different sized dumbbells might not be the most efficient use of your fitness space. Although racks and other storage solutions can be used to reduce the footprint.

Adjustable dumbbells

Adjustable dumbbells are a regular sight in homes and commercial gyms across the world. These products all feature a rod handle, with different mechanisms used to add or remove weights based on the exercise and person involved. There are two main types of adjustable dumbbells out there: plate-loaded designs and selectorised products. Plate-loaded dumbbells are less common now and include spin-lock, spring collar, compression ring collar and quick-lock designs. Selectorised products include block, dial, glide and twist designs that have become very popular as the technology has improved.

Adjustable Dumbbells Vs Fixed Dumbbells - PowerBlock Workout | Gym and Fitness

Key advantages of adjustable dumbbells

Regardless of the dumbbells you choose, adjustable designs offer a number of advantages over fixed products. First and foremost, their adjustable nature allows you to add or remove weights to meet the needs of the workout. Not only is this super convenient, but it's also great for workout efficiency and achieving your fitness goals. As your strength increases, you can simply use the larger weight variations of your dumbbells. Some brands like PowerBlock even offer expansion packs to add even more weight to your existing dumbbells should you begin to max out the base set. Although most adjustable dumbbells are bulkier than a typical fixed set, you only need the one pair, making them much less bulky than a whole rack of dumbbells and the perfect solution for small home gyms!

Key disadvantages of adjustable dumbbells

Modern day adjustable dumbbells are very impressive but aren't without their setbacks. Plate-loaded dumbbells can be cumbersome to adjust, taking up valuable rest time between exercises. Selectorised dumbbells can be easier to operate and significantly faster to adjust, however, their complex mechanisms can often mean they are less durable than fixed dumbbells. Unique design choices around the adjustment mechanism can also make some adjustable dumbbells awkward to use for certain exercises.

Adjustable Dumbbells Vs Fixed Dumbbells - PowerBlock Row | Gym and Fitness

The Gym and Fitness difference

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