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Elliptical Cross Trainer vs. Treadmills: Which Should You Buy?

Treadmills and elliptical cross trainers are the two single most popular fitness items available on the market. The decision whether to buy treadmills or cross trainers all depends on the type of training the user is looking for, any health issues he or she has, and other considerations about what each piece of equipment can offer.

Treadmills Australia is more appropriate for those who are training for actual running, as the machine helps to mimic the actual. They are also suitable to train for walking on the slower settings, or even hill climbing on the models that support this.

The elliptical cross trainer provides a much lower impact cardio workout to protect the joints of those with arthritis, injuries or other problems. They are particularly popular for older users who do not want to put too much pressure on their muscles. Ellipticals also work more than just the lower body. The arm movements mean the user also works the arms, back, shoulders and core. The hand placements also help the user to maintain good posture throughout the workout.

Both treadmills and cross trainers Australia burn the same amount of calories in an equally challenging workout; however, because the treadmill pushes the user to keep speed, people often work harder. The elliptical cross trainer is more likely to keep the user within a comfort zone. However, this can be considered an advantage, as users are able to take breaks and slow down when they feel that they need to.

It is usually significantly cheaper to buy cross-trainers. The user also saves money further as there is no need to plug the machine into an electrical output as there is with a treadmill. However, the elliptical can take up more space than a treadmill, as no folding options are available.

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