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10 Things to Look for in a New Treadmill

In the world of diet and exercise, new fads seem to pop up every week. Whether it’s some new exercise machine or workout regimen, the sheer amount of options can be staggering. But while the fads may come and go it’s the trusty treadmill that has stood the test of time. This exercise machine is popular both at home and in the gym, and its popularity doesn’t look to diminish anytime soon.

People all over the world purchase these exercise machines so they can keep up with home workout routines. And it’s because of this popularity that there are so many different kinds of treadmills for sale. These units come in all different sizes and all different budgets, but there’s no need to be intimidated by the number of options. There are a few simple things to keep in mind when looking for a treadmill that will help make the purchase worthwhile. You can also buy treadmill online.

Motor Power —

A good treadmill is going to have 2 to 2.5 horsepower.

Size —

It’s important to size up the machine before purchase. This helps to ensure the user has enough space to fit the treadmill in his or her home. And if it’s a folding treadmill, try a test fold before purchase.

Safety Features —

Make sure the unit comes with the appropriate features and safety keys. This is especially important if there are children in the home.

Ergonomics —

Long deck length on a treadmill is good for runners, a short deck length is good for those who would like to save space.

Tech Features —

iPod docks and other modern features are available on many new units.

Adjustability —

Make sure the treadmill inclines at least 10 per cent.

Assembly —

It’s always best to purchase a light, easy-to-assemble treadmill whenever possible.

Warranty —

Treadmills are large devices that can break and will require maintenance. A good warranty is key.

Frame Fitness —

Look for a treadmill with high alloy steel frames.

High-Quality Flywheel —

This is a regulating part that provides support for internal components. A good flywheel means the unit is fluid and functions properly.

Check Feedback —

Check customer feedback of treadmills on sale to ensure quality.

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