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Best Elliptical Cardio for Neck Pain

Neck pain is more than a simple annoyance for many people. If the pain is considerable, depending on individual pain tolerance levels, it can be crippling. Many people with neck pain find that exercise is intolerable and they will often cease working out altogether. Unfortunately, this is probably the worst thing they can do, both in terms of alleviating their pain and their general health.

If you’re suffering from neck pain and have found that regular exercise is too painful, then elliptical cross trainers may be the answer for you. They are designed to provide an extremely low impact yet effective workout, are quite versatile, and have many health benefits.

Elliptical cross trainers are designed to be used while standing upright. This neutral position is the least stressful on your neck muscles. In addition, the handlebars allow you to regulate how fast you are going and provide you with additional support. The gliding motion of the pedals ensures that there is no excess pressure or force applied to your joints and spinal column. In addition, the fact that the motion of the machine does not require you to lift your feet provides you with a nearly impact-free workout.

Health Benefits
It has become common knowledge that daily exercise is conducive to good health. It strengthens your joints and bones, allows you to lose or control your weight, and keeps your heart healthy. More specifically, it helps to strengthen your core muscles which assist your back and neck muscles to maintain your posture. Core muscle fitness is essential to the prevention of back and neck pain. Because men's cross trainers provide excellent core training support they can help to reduce your chances for injuring your neck in the future.


Elliptical machines are versatile enough that they can continue to provide challenging workouts even after your neck has healed. Most machines come with various programs that vary the intensity and difficulty of each workout. In addition, you can increase the difficulty yourself by keeping your hands off the handles while maintaining your balance. Some ellipticals also offer interval training support, which is another way of intensifying your routine for a better workout.

Neck pain doesn’t have to stop you from pursuing your fitness goals. If you buy cross trainer equipment you can achieve an effective low impact workout that will help you to avoid injuring your neck in the future.

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