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10-Minute Kettlebell Arm Burner

A kettlebell, originally known as ‘girya’ in Russian and developed over three centuries ago, is a cannonball-shaped tool used for various exercises ranging from strength, cardio, and flexibility training. These are a very popular piece of equipment even some trainers solely focus on these as kettlebell instructors or mentors.

Why you should make kettlebell training part of your workout?

  • Working out with a kettlebell increases functionality. It develops and enhances muscles which we often use in our daily activities like carrying grocery bags, pulling doors, picking up your baby etc.

  • Anyone can train with it. Are you into Functional Training? Bodybuilding? Cardio? You can train with a kettlebell no matter what workout you’re into.
  • You can tone more muscles and burn more calories because you’re controlling the momentum every time you swing the kettlebell.

    Are you ready to fire up those arms? But before pumping out those steel babies, it is highly recommended you consult a kettlebell training expert first just to make sure you get the correct posture and movement. Capiche?

    Now, without further ado, here are 6 kettlebell arm burner exercises you can do in 10 minutes:

    The Warm-Up (5 minutes)

    1. Let’s start the warm-up with a 1-minute stationary jog
    2. Then off you go to 15 reps of jumping jacks
    3. Return to a stationary jog
    4. On to a high-knee jog for 1 minute
    5. 30 seconds right forward lunges then another 30 seconds with your left leg
    6. Last 30 reps of jumping jacks
    7. Grab a quick 30 seconds rest then get your kettlebells ready

    Kettlebell Arm Burner (10 Minutes)’s guide to your first kettlebell article highly recommends females to start with a 6kg to 8kg kettlebell and 10kg to 16kg for men. Do 3 sets for each exercise.

    1. Two-Arm Kettlebell Row

    Youtube | AIKbells

    • Slightly flex your knees, bend over to grab two kettlebells
    • Pull kettlebells towards your stomach keeping your back straight and elbows close to the body
    • Do not let the weights touch the floor when lowering them down.
    • Do 12 -15 reps

    2. Kettlebell Forward Lunge Press

    Youtube | CJ Koegel

    • Start on a straight standing position with kettlebell held in front of the chest
    • Do a right leg forward lunge whilst raising the kettlebell overhead, then back to a standing position, that’s 1 rep
    • Do 10 – 15 reps for each leg

    3. Kettlebell Floor Press

    Youtube | BagsBellsBodyweight

    • Lie on the floor with legs flex or extended
    • Get your kettlebell with palms facing your body
    • As you raise the weight straight up using one arm, rotate the wrist so the palms now face your feet then return to your initial position, that’s one rep.
    • Do 6 – 8 reps for each arm

    4. Kettlebell Military Press

    Youtube | RdellaTraining

    • Stand up straight with kettlebell held on one hand, palms facing the body.
    • Raise the weight up as you lean your hips forward keeping the kettlebells positioned behind the head, palms now facing forward then return to starting position, that’s one rep.
    • Do 8 -12 reps for each arm

    5. Kettlebell Snatch 

    Youtube | RevolutionFitness

    • Start in standing position, feet should be hips-distance apart
    • Grab a kettlebell and position it between your legs slightly bending your knees with elbows outwards
    • Raise the weight explosively overhead with elbows tucked in, then bring it back few inches close to the ground, that’s one rep.
    • Do 6 – 8 reps for each arm

    6. Single-arm Kettlebell Push up

    Youtube | Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

    • You can do many kettlebell push up variation, here’s one.
    • Start on a standard push up position.
    • Place a kettlebell on one hand, pushing straight down.
    • Do a standard push up keeping your back straight
    • Do 8 – 10 reps each arm.

    Ahh.. feels good, right? 

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