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10 Struggles Only Personal Trainers Will Understand

The struggle is real. Let’s see how many you can relate to.

1. Hearing the same absurd excuses everyday

One of the struggles only personal trainers will understand is hearing the same amusing (in a bad way) excuses. We just know you’re lying and bottom line, you just don’t want to train. You are not sick, you don’t have an urgent thing you need to do, and if you forgot your shoes, damn! I’ll let you use mine.

2. Nobody is perfect, even your PT

Let’s get this straight, nobody is perfect and there are those days you just want to indulge in your favourite ice cream, or eat a slice or two of your fave pizza, or tune in to the sports channel all day long with a bottle of ice-cold beer – well, us too!

3. We’re not working FOR you, we’re working WITH you

Some clients think they own us. The first thing I want my clients to know is they are not my boss. I am everything expect that. This is more of a partnership where clients and PTs are working together. We can be your friend, your doctor, your nutritionists, your coach, your drinking buddy, yes you pay us, but come on… we’re not your slaves.

4. Sometimes, I want to give up

There are those times when you wonder if this is the life you want. You’re not getting enough clients, bills are stacking up on your desk, and at least one client is a pain in the arse. But then you think the reason why you chose this career, that is, your passion for health and fitness. Everything feels right again.

5. We deal with things beyond health and fitness

I know the name of my clients’ children, ex-boyfriends/girlfriends or favourite brand of shampoo. I get invitations to family celebrations, parties, etc… It’s not a bad thing at all, I just can’t keep up!

6. When everyone is an “expert”

Have you been in a conversation where everyone is an “expert” AKA self-proclaimed WebMD certified experts? It’s frustrating to argue with them especially when they start saying “I read on the internet that yadda…” –  I could literally do a facepalm.

7. This job consumes all of my time

There’s not enough time in a day! I train clients in the morning, afternoon and evening, and in between those, I do a few hours of workout and paperwork.

8. Wardrobe of gym clothes

Wearing stretchy, polyester fabric clothes, and training shoes every day. EVERYDAY. It’s a struggle to mix and match and you know, rock your gym clothes when they look all the same.

9. Going home exhausted

Every day you go home so tired, brushing your teeth is a task to the endeavour. It’s exhaustingly fulfilling if that makes sense.

10. Fewer clients more competition

They say the more the merrier, right? Wrong! Thousands of new personal trainers enter the industry every year on top of the existing ones that means more competition, fewer clients, less profit.

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