Warranty Bodyworx


Definition of Warranty

When purchased from an authorised GPI Distributor the GPI warranty shall guarantee that all framework and components of your product are free from defects or faulty manufacture. All faulty framework and components will be repaired, replaced or supplied free of charge as set out in this policy. All warranties in this policy apply to HOME / DOMESTIC USE ONLY except where otherwise stated. These warranties do not apply to products used in commercial use applications. Warranty does NOT cover normal wear & tear and excludes faults due to misuse, abuse, incorrect assembly or lack of general maintenance. Warranty is applicable to products sold and placed within Australia only.

Onsite & Return to Base Warranty.

On Site Warranty:
For products placed within a 50km radius of the GPO in each Capital City an "in house" service is provided. Outside of this area a call out fee and service charge is applicable.

Return to Base Warranty:
Applies to products outside of the 50km radius of the GPO in each Capital City. These products must be returned to the place of purchase or the nearest GPI warehouse to be repaired or replaced at GPI's discretion. Within the Warranty period products placed in a radius of 50km up to 100km from the Capital city G.P.O's can be returned to the store from which it was purchased or the GPI warehouse to be repaired at no charge or if on site service is preferred a call out travel fee of $75 + GST applies. On site labor time and any parts required are then covered if within the terms of the warranty. Warranty Terms. Warranty commences from the date of sale from the Retail Store. Proof of purchase (Retail Store Receipt) is required to activate the Warranty or a Non Warranty call out fee and service charge will apply. Warranty only applies to the original purchaser and is not transferable. Warranty is void if the serial number of the product has been removed or tampered with. Warranty does not apply for defects, faults or failures due to:

  • Ordinary wear and tear.
  • User negligence, abnormal or excessive use, misuse or abuse.
  • Accident, fire, or malicious damage by a third person.
  • Repairs, Alterations or modifications by a NON GPI authorised service technician.
  • Defects caused during assembly or failure to assemble according to the assembly manual provided. Assembly errors include but are not limited to damaged wiring harness, stripped crank arms and / or pedals and bolts used in the wrong locations.
  • Lack of general maintenance and / or failure to service or maintain the equipment in accordance with the user manual specifications and recommendations. This includes a lack of lubrication between the deck and the running belt and / or incorrect alignment / adjustment of treadmill belts that result in damage.
  • Any products sold or placed in an application or the incorrect environment that is not recommended by GPI or as stipulated in the owner's manual such as a Commercial environment will void the warranty set forth by GPI.

GPI will have the option to repair and / or replace any product which requires attention under the warranty.


Frame: Covers the entire steel main frame structure and welds.
Treadmill Motors: Covers the main drive motor and the incline motor.
Parts: Covers all other electronic and mechanical parts.

Metropolitan Area.

Defined as no more than 50km from G.P.O. in the city from which the product was purchased. All capital cities apply. For Tasmania the Launceston GPO is included. Within the Warranty period products placed in a radius of 50km up to 100km from the G.P.O's as defined above can be returned to the store from which it was purchased or the GPI warehouse to be repaired or if on site service is preferred a call out travel fee of $75 + GST applies. On site labor time and any parts required are then covered if within the terms of the warranty.

Warranty Registration.

Warranty details need to be registered with GPI within 30 days of purchase. This can be done by returning the Warranty Registration card that is supplied with your product via mail to GPI or registering online. An original receipt of purchase detailing the model number/name, the serial number on the product, the store that it was purchased from and the purchase date is required to register your warranty and activate any claims within the warranty periods.

Proof of Purchase.

The customer is required to provide proof of purchase before any warranty work or parts will be provided. An official invoice from GPI or Retailer's invoice is the only means by which proof of purchase will be accepted.

Serial Numbers.

Where serial numbers are on products these must be included at the time of warranty claim. This number will be required to generate a service request.

Servicing / Spare Parts.

As with any mechanical equipment general maintenance should be performed on a regular basis by an authorised retailer or service technician. This will ensure longevity of the product and ensure that it is kept working in optimum condition. Failure to properly maintain your equipment may lead to safety issues and may also void the warranty. In order to maintain your product warranty and to ensure the safe and efficient operation of your GPI product only genuine GPI replacement parts should be used. This warranty may be voided if any parts other than those provided by GPI are used.

Freight Costs.

The cost of freighting the replacement part under warranty, or component to the customer shall be free of charge.
Your requirement is to return faulty parts via the pre-paid envelope provided, otherwise a charge may apply.

Chargeable Items.

Parts outside of warranty period or conditions will be charged accordingly and will include a freight cost.

Returned Goods.

The unauthorised return of parts or product shall be refused and placed in the hands of the carrier at the cost of the shipper. Return Authorisations can be obtained from the GPI branch in your state.

D.O.A (Dead on Arrival).

"D.O.A" applies to products which have a major fault within 14 days of customer purchase. These products will be replaced by GPI.

3 Strikes Policy.

In the event a product needs to be attended to for a major fault for the 3rd time under warranty within the first 12 months of purchase the product will be replaced by GPI.


All products sold via the internet and delivered into a different State or Territory to that from which the retailer is from will require the customer to return the product for repair to the place of purchase. i.e. Brought back to the shop / retailer from which it is sold.

If not a Service Charge will apply (service call out fee of $75 + GST plus additional labour as required) on any product purchased from a Retailer over the internet and then delivered to the consumer in a different State or Territory within Australia.

Alternatively it can be returned to the GPI warehouse in the state of which the customer resides at the customer's expense including the cost of returning the product.

For products sold via the internet GPI will deliver these at a cost from the GPI warehouses. Costs for metropolitan areas (within 50km radius of the Capital city GPOs) will be $50 + GST. For areas outside of the metropolitan area the cost will be quoted prior to dispatch.


Unless specified products are for use in home environments and are built for that purpose. The hiring of equipment is deemed commercial by nature and due to heavier usage than in a normal single home environment carries a reduced warranty for parts and labor. Products that are hired carry warranties as follows:

Treadmills: Lifetime Frame (against manufacturing defects), 5 Years Motor (Conditional) (against manufacturing defects), 12 months parts (against manufacturing defects) and 12 months labor (back to base only).
Bikes & Ellipticals: Lifetime Frame (against manufacturing defects), 12 months parts (against manufacturing defects) and 12 months labor (back to base only).
Strength: Lifetime Frame (against manufacturing defects), 12 months parts (against manufacturing defects), 90 days for Cables, Pulleys and Upholstery).

Hire Warranty is against manufacturing defects only and excludes wear and tear, misuse, abuse, negligence, transport damage and lack of maintenance.

Technical Support.

The majority of service issues can be resolved over the phone. Please call your retailer for assistance or contact GPI Service on 03 8541 7528. If the part/s is deemed to be a manufacturing defect GPI may send at their discretion the part/s directly to the consumer. Service and Warranty issues can also be logged via the Service Request Form on the GPI website at www.gpi.com.au in the Sports & Fitness link.


GPI does not assume, nor authorise any representative or other person to make or assume for GPI, any warranties whatsoever, whether expressed or implied, in connection with the sale, service, or shipment of our products. GPI reserve the right to make changes and improvements in our products and specifications without incurring any obligation to similarly alter products previously purchased.

For further information please call GPI Sports on (03) 8541 7500