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Smith Machine VS. Barbell

Barbells have been used for ages to help shape muscle and build it as well. Using a barbell is a solid technique to get a great pump during your workout and maximize gains. Arguments about free weights and machines have been argued throughout the years among workout enthusiasts. Machines tend to get a better review than original barbell just due to the aspect of accessibility. The true winner here may be the barbell due to the fact that machines give you the size and strengthen the muscles; while it does this the person does not become that noticeably stronger. This is a problem since the sole purpose of working out is intended to give you the power to lift more.

Compound & Isolated Exercises

Machines may limit this ability while a barbell is superior solely to the fact it targets one group of muscles. The problem with machines is that they target other body parts as well to ensure that you don’t overwork the muscle group you are working. Compound exercises have been shown to produce better results with barbells than the traditional workout machine. This is a fantastic advantage due to the exercises targeting the muscle group you want to work.

Compound exercises such as push-ups, pull-ups and barbell squats are all traditional forms of workout technique to target certain areas of the body. These exercises work the muscles in one motion and give you a better pump overall. Olympic barbells are used for these exercises. A smith machine gives you the advantage of not having to balance the barbell because the machine does all the balancing for you but restricts you to its vertical plane. The true advantage comes with the traditional barbell. With the user balancing the barbell on their shoulders when preparing for a squat, one can get a better workout with this method.


The method targets the muscles used in the squat better when the user balances the weights on his or her shoulders. As far as safety concerns are for the barbell, one may think they are safer with the smith machine. The barbell is safer than the smith machine due to the fact that the machine forces you into doing a straight line rather than a full motion. When this is done, damage may be possible to the muscles you are working and end up not being a good workout in the end. Both have their advantages and disadvantages but when it comes to the squat – the barbell will let your body use a more natural plane whilst moving the weight. Why not check out smith machines that have the ability to rack a barbell as well as the smith machine bar.

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