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10 Motivational Bodybuilding Videos to get you PUMPED

Words aren’t enough when it comes to getting fired up; sometimes you need to see champions in action to really get you motivated! Thanks to Youtube (and some amazing fitness experts!), we have motivational fitness videos at our fingertips.

But with literally millions of videos out there, it can be hard to know where to start. We’ve picked out ten of the absolute best so you can spend less time surfing, and more time getting active!

Mehmeted Dip

Who? Mehmet Edip, an actor, writer, athlete and model. What can’t this guy do?!

Why? Mehmet’s experience in an impressive range of areas including film, fitness modelling, competitions and fitness writing has given him the perfect base to be able to inspire others to strive for the same success that he has achieved. His videos are beautifully produced and are perfect for watching on the way to the gym.

What to watch: His most popular video combines epic music, inspiring quotes and fantastic footage of his gruelling workouts:

Frank Medrano Fitness

Who? Frank Medrano, a highly regarded fitness expert with millions of followers.

Why? Frank is simply incredible. His workouts are intense and always changing; and his videos, social media and blogs are nothing less than inspiring.

What to watch: The moves he pulls in his videos are mind-blowing, but this one, aptly described as ‘superhuman’ is one of his best (get ready to be blown away!)

Sample Fitness

Who? Travis Sample, an experienced personal trainer who heads up Sample Fitness in the USA.

Why? His videos are designed to be motivational and they more than achieve that. The team at Sample Fitness have a unique set of skills, that take a deeper look into fitness, including from a psychological perspective. They focus on training elite athletes, and have had great success, so who better to motivate you to reach your own goals?

What to watch: This incredibly powerful video is one to bookmark:

Take No Days Off

Who? Giavanni Ruffin, a highly respected American footballer, motivational speaker and owner of a sports apparel company, Take No Days Off.

Why? Giavanni is considered by many to be one of America’s most talented sportsmen. He documents his relentless work towards achieving his goal of playing in the NFL through his blog and social media. His successful clothing company coupled with his inspiring videos are used by millions to stay motivated both in and out of the gym.

What to watch: With over 27 million views – what are you waiting for?! This video is one of the most successful motivational videos in the world:

Lazar Angelov

Who? Lazar Angelov, a former professional basketballer who became a bodybuilder and personal trainer.

Why? There’s no denying the talents of Bulgarian bodybuilder Lazar Angelov. He created his website to offer online personal training to people around the world and inspires them through both his blog and videos.

What to watch: For an awesome taster of what Lazar is capable of, this awe-inspiring video will inspire you to follow him for regular motivation:

Greg Plitt

Who? Greg Plitt, a personal trainer who runs a highly successful online fitness empire.

Why? Greg has been named as one of America’s fittest athletes by Men’s Fitness magazine, has appeared in movies such as The Terminator and is one of the country’s top fitness models. Aside from his impressive resume, Greg knows his stuff. There’s no shortage of videos to go through and they’re incredibly addictive because well, they work. Just a few seconds of watching Greg do what he does best will get you off the couch and into the gym!

What to watch: Maybe it’s the epic soundtrack, but more likely it’s Greg’s incredible talent – this video is just mind-blowingly awesome:

Here are greater motivational videos to inspire you:

There are so many amazing videos out there we just could feature them all. Here are some others we loved.

So there you have it – ten of the best motivational fitness videos out there. What motivates you to stay active?


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