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“How do you know what you are most passionate about?” Personal Trainer Benjamin Lustig will help you answer this question

Benjamin Lustig tells his story, his passion, and what he learned so far in the fitness industry.

Who are you and what do you do?

I am Benjamin Lustig – Owner & Head Coach of CrossFit Moreland, the biggest CrossFit box in Melbourne.


BHs. Clin. Myo., IRMA, AWF (L-2), ASCA (L-1), CF (L-1), CF KIDS, Ex. Prof. (3-4), F. Aus (Spec.) Rehab Spec. Member of the Australian Weightlifting Federation. Member of the Victorian Weightlifting Association. Member of Fitness Australia.


How & why did you get into the fitness industry?

I’ve been training in sport and fitness since I was 12 years old, its always been a focal point of my life. During the study I began training at Schwartz’s CrossFit Melbourne, one of the first CrossFit boxes in Australia and I’ve never looked back.


Take us through a typical day for you?

At 6am I wake up, 7am Coaching Classes, 8am – 10am Coaching Private Clients, 10am – 11am Administration, 11am – 12pm Marketing, 12pm – 4pm Business Development, 4pm – 8:30pm Private Clients + Classes, 8:30pm – 9:30pm Administration + Close, then by 10pm I’m home.


What were some of the biggest mistakes you made when starting out your business? And what should their focus be?

The biggest challenge we have faced is finding great coaches to join our team – we now have three coaches who are incredibly passionate about CrossFit and driven to achieve their goals.


What are some of the reasons your clients fail to hit their fitness goals?

Consistency – simply turn up and you’re already outworking everyone else who isn’t there.


What are some of your favourite exercises to do with a client?

Personally, I love “Chipper” style WOD’s with multiple movements and a set time cap to keep you on your toes and moving throughout the session.


Any tips/suggestions for people looking to get into the fitness industry?

My first mentor once told me “Do what you love, do what you are most passionate about”, to which I replied, “but how do you know what you are most passionate about?” (a typical response from an 18-year-old). My mentor responded, “its the thing you can’t stop thinking about and always come back to no matter what is going on in your life”.

For me, it's always been health and fitness.

If this is you then jump into the deep end and see if you can swim – if not then perhaps look elsewhere.


What do you think makes a personal trainer succeed in the long term?

Consistency – getting up every day come rain, hail or shine.

Results – delivering the best results.

Family – treating your clients like your family, make sure they are always supported and looked after.


Any useful resources, tools, or books you can recommend?


Supertraining – by Mel Siff

Bounce – by Matthew Syed

The Level 1 CrossFit Trainers Guide – by Greg Glassman

The Westside Barbell Book of Methods – by Louie Simmons

The Paleo Diet – by Robb Wolf


Find a mentor in the industry that is better than you and learn as much as you can


Seminars, courses and university level education is a must – this will improve your skill base and build your credibility in the eyes of your clients and the wider community.

-Remember that learning is a lifelong process and you must always strive to get better each and every day.


Where can people get in touch with you?


(03) 9388-1279



FB Page:


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