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Force USA Elite Pro Grade Bumper Plates (Sold individually)

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10kg $99.00 $109.00
15kg $159.00 $179.00
20kg $209.00 $239.00
25kg $259.00 $299.00

The Elite Pro Grade Bumper Plate range by Force USA, the trusted name in strength equipment, is the pinnacle of competitive bumpers. This range has been developed based upon feedback from our customers and product testing groups within USA, New Zealand, UK, Denmark and Australia. The result is a grade of bumper plates which can handle competition and rough usage to stand the test of time whilst being extremely accurate and balanced.

Force USA Elite Pro Grade Bumper Plates are designed to IWF spec with a 50.4mm collar insert for tight, balanced control on your Olympic Barbell and overall plate diameter of 450mm. Each size is colour coded to IWF spec to be recognisable at a distance for rapid change over in an athletic training, competitive environment.

  • 10KG bumper plates are Green
  • 15KG bumper plates are Yellow
  • 20KG bumper plates are Blue
  • 25KG bumper plates are Red

The inner steel collar penetrates deep within the plate so even after years of heavy-duty use the plate will continue to perform with no distortion to the location of the inner collar. This means your plate stability will remain optimal even after years of dropping which has been proven by our mechanised testing results indicating no malformation found after 25,000 drops.

Train for elite performance with extremely accurate Force USA Elite Pro Grade Bumper Plates.

  • F-EPGBP10C - Force USA - Elite Pro Grade Bumper Plates 10kg – Green
  • F-EPGBP15C - Force USA - Elite Pro Grade Bumper Plates 15kg – Yellow
  • F-EPGBP20C - Force USA - Elite Pro Grade Bumper Plates 20kg – Blue
  • F-EPGBP25C - Force USA - Elite Pro Grade Bumper Plates 25kg - Red



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