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Jamie Nguyen

Position: Online Sales Consultant

Location: Adelaide, SA

My Story

My name is Jamie and I have been with GAF for about 7 months, as a Sales Consultant. I see my role as a facilitator, to help people live a fit and healthy lifestyle and i do this by providing the best equipment for there needs. My hobbies are Olympic Weightlifting and Martial Arts and i also have a Bachelors in Human Movement (B.App.Sci) and i'm Currently undergoing my Masters in Exercise Science (Strength and Conditioning) - (MExerSc(Strgth&Condg). I train everyday and i'm also open to discussing anything about my training and training programs to help people achieve personal goals.  

How long you've been with the company

I have been working at GAF for 7 months

Favourite piece of equipment

My favourite piece of equipment to sell is the ForceUSA MyRack and ForceUSA Functional Riging System (F-RIG). I am passionate about strength training and strength equipment, these two products are completely unique compared to what is out there in the market. They are completely modular and can be customised to the users preference. Perfect options for home, studio and full commercial use. I also love the fact there are so many options to add and the possibility of even more to come.

Recent Fit-outs

Reborn Fitness

Functional gym located in Taren Point, NSW looking to expand their gym with another floor/room for training. Provided them with they complete fit out for there new training room with our Functional Rigging system which was attached the the wall along our ForceUSA functional training equipment including barbells, bumper plates and dumbbells.


Health and Fitness club located in Echuca, VIC looking to upgrade all their spin bikes for RPM. Provided them with our full commercial grade Vortex V1600 bikes and they loved them!