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Want to purchase commercial equipment?

What are my benefits?

  • It's free! No pesky
    registration fee!

  • We're giving 5% commission on all complete purchases you generate.

  • Choose your own banner from a variety of static and dynamic designs. We can also customise a banner exclusively for your site

  • Our product feeds are updated regularly with new coupon codes and special promos.

  • We allow up to 30 days referral validity, which means we will honour a sale transaction up to 30 days after the customer clicked our banner on your site.

  • We have our expert and reliable affiliate team to assist you

What's next?

  • 1. We are using a trusted third party site which is Commission Factory, to proceed, you must create your Commission Factory account by clicking the button belaow.

  • 2. After creating your account, look for the Gym and Fitness Affiliate program and click 'Join Program'

  • 3. Once your account is accepted, you are ready to go!