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Home & Fitness Rubber Flooring tiles are backed by a strong, hassle free warranty to ensure you are confident with your purchase.

We at Home & Fitness Rubber Flooring want you to enjoy your AAA graded rubber flooring with no concerns for potential problems. Every Home & Fitness Rubber Flooring tile is protected by a return to base warranty honouring coverage for its intended usage and environment. 'Home' implies intended usage within a private, domestic, non-commercial and non-fee paying environment.

These tiles carry a 1 year return to base warranty covering application only within an indoor home environment and offers no warranty protection for application in higher foot traffic locales such as studios, corporate, club and commercial business environments. Please check your intended environment usage prior to purchase.

The warranty is valid for the original owner of the equipment and is not transferable. Home & Fitness Rubber Flooring's obligation under this warranty is limited to repairing or replacing the tiles at the discretion of Home & Fitness Rubber Flooring.

Responsibility for freight or transport expenses incurred in delivering the product to the place of purchase falls upon the customer. Home & Fitness Rubber Flooring cannot be held responsible for damage during transit and any issues related to the delivery may be dealt with by your chosen delivery company. We recommend you inform your freight company of any damage or missing items within 48 hours of receiving your delivery as this is the cut-off period for many freight companies to deal with these related issues.

Repairs or replacements for which warranty claims are made must be pre-approved by Home & Fitness Rubber Flooring and can only be performed by Home & Fitness Rubber Flooring accredited service dealers unless authorised in writing from Home & Fitness Rubber Flooring customer service personnel.

General wear and tear may slightly impact on the appearance of the flooring but typically does not affect the performance of the product and is not covered by warranty.

Home & Fitness Rubber Flooring warranties do not cover any damage to a product caused by or attributable to freight damage, abuse, misuse, moisture, improper or abnormal usage, incorrect or lack of maintenance, conjunctive usage with other equipment and applications (such as for example: equipment or furniture with sharp edges, treadmills, dropping of bumper plates), repairs performed by anyone other than the pre-approved Home & Fitness Rubber Flooring accredited service dealer or any commitments made by any external warranty.


  1. We recommend viewing our installation video which may be found at www.versafloor.com.au or using a licenced flooring contractor to install. Please discuss the installation procedure with an authorised Home & Fitness Rubber Flooring dealer prior to performing the installation yourself.
  2. Home & Fitness Rubber Flooring tiles can be laid loose due to their weight or fitted within a border or applied to a solid base with a commercial grade adhesive.
  3. Mark the tiles with a piece of chalk and steel ruler then cut with a sharp utility knife to fit within the required area and lay in a criss cross 'brick style' pattern.
  4. As you lay the Home & Fitness Rubber Flooring tiles, butt them together tightly without leaving any gaps.

Ensure children and animals maintain a safe distance and proper PPE (safety gear) is used throughout the installation.


Maintenance of the tiles is very simple and the responsibility of the purchaser to prolong the attractive appearance and performance of the rubber flooring. Surfaces may be swept with a soft bristled broom or cleaned with a vaccuum. Tiles should be kept dry at all times as moisture will reduce the lifetime of rubber flooring but if a substance has been spilled which may stain then a mop and warm water may be used and the tiles dried with towels immediately afterwards. Please keep in mind that moisture damage is not covered within this warranty.

This warranty adheres to all Australian Consumer Rights applicable to this product. We at Home & Fitness Rubber Flooring take pride in our after sales service. If you have any queries or concerns regarding your Home & Fitness Rubber Flooring purchase simply contact our friendly customer service team.

For more warranty information please visit our main warranty page