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Force USA, the Trusted Name in Strength Equipment™ was designed to be the best value strength equipment for home use and proudly set the benchmark for our home use equipment around the world. Offering one of the best warranties on the market for your peace of mind, each piece of Force USA strength equipment is hand crafted for quality and we use state-of-the-art production methods for our entire range. The Force USA range of strength equipment carries a Lifetime Structural Warranty along with 2 years cover on all cables and pulleys. This warranty applies to first owners and does not cover second hand equipment or re-sold equipment. This Force USA warranty covers only failures due to defects in structural, cables and pulleys and workmanship that occur during normal home use. It will not cover damage that occurs in transport/delivery or failure due to misuse, abuse, neglect, mis-application, alteration or improper assembly of the product. This warranty does not cover the use or failure of equipment in studio commercial applications. The replacement or repair provided for under the Force USA warranty is the responsibility of the user and the customer will be responsible for any freight charges applicable. Force USA will not be liable for any consequential damages or for breach of any implied warranty on the range of Force USA strength equipment. Force USA reserves the right to provide reconditioned parts and/or to request a return and repair existing defective parts on the Force USA product.

VorTex VorTex by Force USA is a commercial grade upholstery used for all Force USA equipment. We use a high grade commercial vinyl with rip-stop mesh backing which helps prevent rips and tears. Force USA, the Trusted Name in Strength Equipment™ was designed to be the best value strength equipment for home use and proudly set the benchmark for our home use equipment around the world.

For more warranty information please visit our main warranty page


Force USA Ranger Barbell (F-OB-RANGER)

1 Year Warranty, 6 months on bearings/bushings

Force USA Patriot Barbell (F-OB-PATRIOT)

2 year Warranty, 1 year on Bearings/Bushings

Force USA Gunner Barbell (F-OB-GUNNER)

Lifetime Warranty, 5 years on Bearings/Bushings

Force USA Gunner Barbell w/ Black Zinc Bar and Sleeves (F-OB-GUNNER-BZ)

Lifetime Warranty, 5 years on Bearings/Bushings

Force USA Olympic Weightlifting Barbell (F-OB-OLYMPIC)

Lifetime Warranty, 5 years on Bearings/Bushings

Force USA Powerlifting Barbell (F-OB-POWERLIFT)

Lifetime Warranty, 5 years on Bearings/Bushings


  • Normal wear and tear
  • Cosmetic damages
  • Surface scratches
  • Rust (this is the responsibility of the purchaser to maintain the barbell)

This warranty is conditional on proper maintenance, so long as the barbell's end caps are straight and intact. Force USA barbells have undergone extensive testing to achieve their load ratings, and bending should not occur. As such, all barbell claims will undergo extensive assessment by our engineering team to determine the cause.

The below illustration displays an extreme bend which may be the result of a manufacturing fault in the construction of the barbell shaft.

Illustration 1

Illustration 2 provides an example of a barbell with a slight bend in the shaft. Incorrect storage such as leaving the barbell loaded with weight for a prolonged period of time will cause this style of damage thus rendering misuse rather than a manufacturing fault and will be void from warranty cover.

Illustration 2

A bend which is off centre (Illustration 3) is the result of trauma caused by uneven dropping of the bar. Again, this is considered misuse and will be void from warranty cover.

Illustration 3

If your Barbell has a manufacturing fault affecting its structural integrity contact our customer service team. They will be happy to assist and run through the claim process. Delivery of the faulty item to the place of purchase is at the expense of the owner. Freight is considered a separate service so items returned and proven faulty after 12 months from purchase will deem the owner as responsible for any freight expenses incurred in returning the faulty item and also for the replacement.

Force USA warranties do not cover any damage to a product caused by or attributable to freight damage, abuse, misuse, improper or abnormal usage, conjunctive usage with other equipment and applications, repairs or tampering by anyone other than the pre-approved Force USA accredited service dealer or any commitments made by any external warranty. General wear on aesthetic components are not covered by this warranty and will not affect the performance of the product.

Force USA can not be held responsible for any damages with respect to financial loss, property loss, installation or removal expenses, loss of enjoyment or usage during repair or replacement periods. If the product is not able to be repaired, Force USA will provide a replacement of comparable performance. The replacement product may be of higher, equal or lower selling price due to technological advances or economic change.

This warranty adheres to all Australian Consumer Rights applicable to this product. We at Force USA take pride in our after sales service. If you have any queries or concerns regarding your Force USA purchase simply contact our friendly customer service team.

Barbell Maintenance

Maintenance is essential for ANY barbell and failure to maintain may void your warranty. Sweat, along with atmospheric conditions such as humidity can be damaging to your equipment. In much the same way you would maintain your car to prolong its life and efficiency you can maintain the standard of your barbell with very little effort. Barbell maintenance is extremely simple and only takes a few minutes.

All you need is a plastic bristle brush which can be purchased from Bunnings, Masters or most supermarkets; WD-40 and a lint free towel.

  • Lightly scrub the chalk from the knurling. The plastic bristle brush will ensure you don't damage your knurling in the process.
  • Spray the WD-40 onto the lint free towel and wipe down your barbell. WD-40 has water displacement properties which will fight the damage caused by your sweat. It will be absorbed by the bar within half an hour and leave no impact on the grip.

It's as easy as that! Regular maintenance after every training session will keep your equipment in prime condition and lasting a lifetime.

Maintenance intervals will depend on the environment in which the item is used and stored.

For home indoor use maintenance may only need to occur monthly whereas a bar used outdoor but stored indoor will need weekly maintenance. Barbells used and stored in an outdoor environment will need daily maintenance and no guarantee can be made this will be enough protection.

If you are a gym operator then it will be very difficult to maintain every one of your barbells along with every piece of gym equipment every single day but setting a regular maintenance cycle will keep your equipment appearing like new and prolong the lifespan. This will contribute towards your clients feeling happy and healthy as well as saving you money in replacing equipment.