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Tricep Arm Extension Machine

The tricep arm extension machine was made specifically to allow for a more focused exercise experience that targets the triceps, before all other muscles.

For a long time, the gym was largely composed of loose weights and barbells, as these often carried the versatility of being usable for most muscle strengthening exercises. However, these also posed risks for injured exercisers, and new exercisers, who were either incapable or inexperienced in the use of these loose weights. As other machines were made specifically to target certain muscles in the body and to be easier to use for new gym-goers, the tricep arm extension machine was born, made specifically to target the triceps, and provide a simple enough motion for new gym-goers to follow.

To perform exercises with the tricep arm extension machine, simply kick it off by moving the machine seat to an optimal position, such that your upper arms and elbows would end up lying flat on the pad itself. Afterwards, extend your hands to the extent of their range of motion, and grab a hold of the machine’s handles. After holding on to them to get a proper grip, simply pull them towards your body slowly, but firmly. After pulling as much as you are capable of doing, hold onto them for a while, and then slowly but firmly extend your arms once again, and return to the position in which you started. You may do as many reps, and as many reps as you feel is appropriate to your current condition, fitness level, and other salient factors. Exert yourself with caution, however, as overexercising, especially when it comes to the triceps, is a surefire way to get yourself a sprain or other similar injuries.