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Preacher Curl Machine

Preacher Curl Machines are like a sandboxed version of performing preacher curls in benches. It restricts additional movement and wobbling from using free weights so that you won’t hit the wrong muscles during workouts.


    The Machine Preacher Curls is an arm workout. It hits the muscle groups, namely, Brachioradialis, Brachialis and Wrist Flexors. Preacher curls are usually performed with superb form so that it hits the correct muscles, the machine basically straps you into the correct form so

    that you won’t be doing the workout incorrectly.

    Machine Preacher Curl Benefits

    This piece of equipment isolates your upper arm muscles and focuses all the workload on the biceps you intend to develop solely. It also reduces stress on the shoulders since it rests the arms in an angle that it won’t be hit by the workout.

    How to Perform Preacher Curls in a machine

    1. Sit on the machine and pick your desired weight to lift
    2. Rest the back of your upper arms on the padding then hold the handles in and underhanded manner. Position your palms facing up. This is your starting position
    3. Lift the handles while contracting your biceps. Hold the contractions for about a second or two at the end of every repetition. Don’t forget to breathe out with each repetition.
    4. Bring down the handles slowly to your starting position while breathing in.
    5. For bulking up your biceps, perform with high weight level. For Sculpting your biceps, perform with high number of repetitions.

    Useful tips to keep in mind are:

    • Always keep your elbows inside the preacher machine pad area when positioning your upper arms onto the foam pads. This helps maintain your form greatly.
    • You could also have your forearms help with the heavy lifting by jerking them slightly but just make sure to keep your form intact.