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Commercial Hip Abduction/Aduction Machine

Commercial Hip Abduction Machine is excellent gym equipment for those who want to gain strength in their legs and thighs, and it affects out all surrounding muscles in the legs. We offer a wide variety of Commercial Hip Abduction Machine that will definitely fit your gym facility.

If you are looking to improve and gain a strong backside, then you have to focus on your gluteus maximus and using our Commercial Hip Abduction/Adduction Machine. These machines are designed to improve your abductors and its opposing muscles, the adductors, often is used by women who want to work on their buttocks and thighs as they consider this problem areas. These muscles when not focused will also affect your core stability and your pelvis may tilt to one side when standing on one foot. This affects your ability to walk, run, or do lunges. Superior abductor muscles improve functional fitness and set your body to maneuver well in any situation.

Many assume that the core is made up of abdominal muscles but they also forget or some does not even know that the core consists of the abdomen, back, hips, and shoulders are all part of the core and must work together for core stability. Abductor's muscle exercise help enhance core balance which improves stability, posture and overall motion. The use of this machine strengthens your hips which prevents injuries specifically in your legs. Undeveloped hip abductor puts more tension on your knees, ankles, and feet. Common injuries that runners and athletes experience patellofemoral pain syndrome, which causes pain around kneecap which originates of your knee and hip.