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Commercial Barbell Storage

Commercial Barbell Storage is created to maximise space that stores all Olympic Barbells. You can choose from wall mounted barbell storage, floor-mounted vertical bar holders, bar holders with weight plate storage and horizontal racks. Most of them are multi-tiered and stand anywhere from waist to shoulder height.

Space-saving designs available which you can choose from floor-mounted to wall-mounted barbell storage that will suit your gym facility. This storage is made and bent from superior plate steel, durable and coated in a laser-cut decal. Commercial Barbell Storage will help you organize your facility and limit accidents caused by cluttered barbells.

Barbell equipment takes too much space in your facility, the reason for barbell storage that will definitely reduce clutter and minimise accidents from barbell left on the floor. This Barbell Storages act as a home for your barbell equipment in your gym facility preventing them from getting lost or damaged. Not only will you keep your facility organised, but it will also help you locate your equipment easily.

We have storages that range from single storage up to 10 barbell storage and guarantees built with compact and High gauge steel coated in durable, textured powder coat. Safely store your weight training equipment is important and our barbell storages make all of this easy.

All of this barbell storage is easy to install, no matter what the design is, now you have a place to store them. Our products come from trusted and highest quality strength equipment. You can contact our reliable customer experts and they can help you choose the right barbell storage that will suit and match your facility.