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Warming Up With a Treadmill

Getting fit is a serious business for most people. It’s like having a hobby, where you focus hard and be immersed and in the zone while doing a regular activity. Unfortunately, some gym denizens attack the gym equipment as soon as they enter the fitness centre. Common sense would dictate that this is not something you want to do unless you want to have an injury or an accident.

If you’re going to do the circuit with the various exercise machines, or with the free weights, it would be a good idea to have the heart pumping first, and the body warmed up before doing any of the heavy exercises.

Besides the stretching exercises, one other good way of starting your exercise routine is to start off with the treadmill. As a warm-up routine, you can start slow on the treadmill and continue with the pre-programmed settings. Fifteen minutes on the treadmill can have your pulse pumping hard and ready for more a more intensive workout.

Exercising on a treadmill, you have the option of maintaining your own rhythm, of running hard, then trot and jog, or use any of the programmed settings. For gym beginners, the treadmill is also one of the easiest equipment to use, being user-friendly with lots of safety features. Running on the treadmill, the newbie can gauge what shape his body is in. After warming up and working up a sweat, the body is prepped for more varied exercises and can move to other stations of the fitness centre.

Even when trying to develop body mass and muscle, a hard cardio workout from the treadmill gives a lot of boost in developing upper body mass. Long distance runners have lean bodies, but sprinters have well developed upper bodies including the core. Pushing yourself with a fast run on the treadmill can give the same results as sprints on the track.

Next time you work out, give yourself a workout on the treadmill, even if it’s just a warmup to lifting weights.

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