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Understanding Kettlebell Training – It’s Not Just for Bodybuilders!

Kettlebells are specially designed weights made from cast iron that resemble small tea kettles. They are designed with a rounded handle on top which can easily be grasped with one or two hands and then swung around in different directions. This swinging motion requires you to engage your core muscles to keep your body steady while also working the arms. The legs get a workout as well since they have to be firmly planted in place to keep your body from toppling over.

Here at Gym and Fitness, we offer kettlebell as light as 4kg’s, and kettlebells as heavy as 56kg. While they are fresh and new on the fitness scene for most people today, they were popular in the U.S. years before, with their origins go back to Russia years ago.

So, what does your body get out of a workout with kettlebells?

  •  Endurance Training
  •  Increased Strength
  •  Improved Balance
  •  Agility Training
  •  Better Cardiovascular Endurance

Clearly, there are lots of benefits for everyone regardless of age or physical condition! Depending on your current physical shape you can do a variety of motions with your kettlebells including:

You can work your entire body just with a single kettlebell, making this one of the most versatile workouts out there today.

Are Kettlebells Better Than Dumbbells?

There is an obvious difference in how dumbbells and kettlebells are shaped, but their differences do not stop there. For instance, your centre of gravity when gripping a dumbbell is within your hand. When you grip a kettlebell the centre of gravity shifts away from the hand and changes from one type of movement to another.

This outward centre of gravity allows you to move in any direction with a kettlebell. You can swing it around in ways that would only lead to injuries with a dumbbell.

Kettlebells work your entire body in a way that dumbbells simply cannot compete for, thanks to their unique design!

Kettlebell Training Benefits

What can kettlebell training do for your body? Let’s take a quick peek:

  • A well-coordinated body.

  • Improved agility.
  • Stronger core muscles that improve posture.
  • Cardiovascular & strength training is completed in one fast workout session.
  • Stronger bones that are less likely to break in daily life.
  • Increased physical prowess.
  • Better performance in sports.
  • Eccentric deceleration training prevents injuries while stopping fast in sports.
  • Reduced risk of injury while working out with proper body form during movement.
  • Complete body workout with one piece of workout equipment.
  • The simplest, easiest weight-bearing exercise out there today.

    There is a lot to be gained from training your body with kettlebells, whether you are a seasoned bodybuilder or a grandmother just trying to increase bone density or add some movement into your daily life. Even stay-at-home mothers and busy students have the time to get in a quick kettlebell workout most days of the week!

    Interested in experiencing these amazing benefits for yourself? See our large range of kettlebells.

    It is advised that you seek out a video, class, or some other form of instruction prior to picking up your first kettlebell. This will help you implement proper form so you get your body into the best shape of its life without the risk of injury!

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