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Pushing Your Fitness Routine on the Treadmill

One of the most popular home fitness equipment is the treadmill. This is practically the first fitness equipment of choice for most homeowners. Though there are differences between treadmill models for the home and for commercial establishments, the basic concept of a treadmill stays the same. The treadmill allows the user to run on a continuous pace in a fairly limited space. Some innovations of the treadmill allow for different gradations, as well as programmable levels of exercises and vital sign monitoring.

The popularity of treadmills is due in part from the popularity of jogging. Though jogging and running outdoors is still preferred over the treadmill, there are instances when it is inadvisable or impossible to run outdoors. Winter training or during heavy rains, for instance, is not a good time for outdoor activities. Treadmills are a viable alternative to continue training during inclement weather. Additionally, it can also be used for therapy in case of injury. With a controlled exercise regimen, it does not have to be a high-impact exercise.

The key to getting the most out of the treadmill is in regular use, and in pushing yourself to your limits. Through studies, it has been proven that brisk walking is good exercise. It has also been shown in studies that for an exercise regimen to be effective, the body has to go past its comfort zone. Pushing the body to 50% above the normal pulse rate for at least 30 minutes keeps the body at a higher metabolic rate (and burning more calories) for several hours after exercising.

As standard exercise equipment, treadmills are found in almost all fitness centres. Easy to use and to program, treadmills are low maintenance and durable for everyday use. It may be a bit boring at times, but the boredom of running on a treadmill can be alleviated somewhat with the use of a personal mp3 player or by watching TV.

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