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Next Steps: Advanced Exercises on the Rowing Machine

Rowing is an incredibly popular sport and a rowing machine is a fantastic way to recreate the actions of rowing. Rowing machines can be found in many exercise facilities around the world. A rowing machine that you’re able to use in your own home will allow you all the fitness benefits of actually being out in a boat rowing without having to actually leave the house. A good rowing machine is an excellent piece of cardio workout equipment as well.

When you’re using a rowing machine, it will require you to exercise rigorously, specifically in your upper body region. This will be an unbelievable way of burning calories, shedding fat and shaping muscles. No matter what the reason is for wanting to use a rowing machine, this type of exercise equipment is excellent for achieving a wide array of health-related and fitness goals.

Rowing machines are used mostly for cardio workouts and are very popular to use for longer and slower fat-burning exercises. However, you can also use a rowing machine for intense high interval training exercises as well.

When starting out with rowing machine exercises, you definitely want to take it easy with your beginning workouts. When you move past beginner workouts, you can move on to advanced and intermediate workouts. These more advanced workouts will target specific areas of your body, including your back, thighs, stomach and core, just for starters. These types of intermediate exercises are classified as resistance training. They will very effectively burn calories during long for workouts. The benefits of using rowing machines is that it’s not as hard as on the body as say a running work out.

When you’re ready to move on to intermediate and advanced rowing machine workouts, be sure you consult your health-care provider as they will best be able to tell you where you should start and if you are overdoing anything.

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