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How To Exercise Using A Cross-Trainer Or Elliptical

When you begin to use a cross trainer or an elliptical machine you should be sure that you are doing the right things. You would not want to hurt your joints or muscles while trying to achieve or maintain a healthy body.

There are several exercises that can be done with these machines but you should stick to the basics at first until you have a little more experience and possibly a trainer to show you what to do.

You should first do some stretching exercises so you don’t shock your muscles with a lot of work all of a sudden. Try to stretch your lower legs and calf areas the most because these areas will be worked the hardest. Make sure that once you are ready to begin on the machine that your feet are centred as best as you can get them.

You want to make large fluid movements on the machine, no sudden or jerky movements. Also, try to keep your heel touching the foot pedal to reduce the chances of sore calves after the exercise. Make sure that your posture is good as well. The resistance setting should not be too low because then you are wasting your time, but it should not be too high because you will strain your muscles during the workout.

The idea of a cross trainer or an elliptical machine is to give you a safe work out that is comparable to jogging or walking. You should try to keep the feeling of walking in a forward motion while exercising on these machines. Always keep water handy to keep you hydrated, as well as a towel so you can keep your sweat off of the machine. To finish up, you should have a cool-down period where you stretch some more to ease the tension in your muscles.

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