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Getting In Shape Shouldn’t Come with Injuries

Many people set out to whip their bodies into shape with a huge weight loss goal that they want to achieve in a relatively short period of time. Rather than making that goal many of them will end up with injuries that plant them firmly back on the couch. The good news is you can get in shape without hurting your body or making your physical condition worse.

First, make sure you start out with exercises suitable for your current level of physical fitness. The fastest way to get injured is to start training as a marathon runner when you can barely walk a mile. Every workout should be challenging, but it shouldn’t leave you weak and crippled. Push your body too far too fast and you will end up with an injury.

Planning ahead so you know exactly when you are going to work out, how long your workouts are going to be, and what those exercises will be is also a good way to prevent injuries. This type of planning can also ensure you stick with your workout program long term and keep the weight off forever.

Be realistic when determining what days of the week you workout and how long you workout. You don’t need two hour runs right from the start. A half an hour every other day right after dinner would be a reasonable plan for one person while an hour three mornings a week would be suitable for someone else.

Be realistic about when and how long you can really work out, otherwise, you set yourself up for failure.

Finally, get some basic workout equipment so you can work out right at home. A set of light dumbbells or some good resistance bands is all you need to challenge your muscles and get in a great calorie-burning workout in your own living room. An exercise ball could be quite useful as well.

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