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10 Australian Fitness Fanatics You Should Be Following On Twitter

My goodness, this is basically “the” post for Australian fitness lovers who are active on Twitter and looking for more juicy information to fill their feed. Inside you’ll find a bunch of great people who adore healthy living and physical conditioning.

#1 Hugh Jackman News – @HughJackmanFanz

At like 23 million followers you can be sure there’s plenty of Wolverine-style fitness action thrown into the mix. Hugh is known for his amazing physique and the unbelievable workouts he has to go through for his roles. Imagine going from normal to X-Men ready within a matter of months. Check out the Aussie Chin-ups!

#2: Sally Matterson – @SallyMatterson

This Aussie lady has one of the most impressive physiques out there and she definitely knows her stuff. She’s building an amazing following on Fb and Twitter and has plenty of knowledge to share. Plus, she’s a huge dog lover!

#3: Michelle Bridges – @MishBridges

She’s a celebrity Australian fitness trainer with an impressive organic Twitter following and a fabulous website full of information, training tips, fat-shredding methods and results galore. In fact, Michelle “has helped lose 2 million pounds worldwide.”

#4: Shannon Ponton – @shannanponton

Here he is in all his glory, “The most successful Biggest Loser Australia trainer.” He’s made a name for himself and definitely delivers the goods. He tweets regularly to know what he’s doing and always has the most useful things to say and share.

#5: Men's Fitness Au – @MensFitnessAU

The name pretty much says it all gents. If you’re a guy and you’re into fitness and you’re Australian then you should be following these guys, and of course, the international Men’s Fitness (@MensFitness) to get the full scoop.

#6: Susan Powter – @SusanPowter

She’s a motivational speaker from the AU that concentrates on a holistic approach to fitness. It’s about mind, body and soul. With 36 thousand tweets and counting, she’s experienced. She does podcasts, tons of writing, pics; the works!

#7: Fitness First Australia – @FitnessFirstAU

These guys really know how to get involved in the fitness community and give back. They’re always tweeting about events, blogs and web articles, and spreading information that helps people who need help find the right gym in their area. In fact, they represent a huge and growing fitness community that’s really changing lives.

#8: Lee Priest – @PROLEEPRIEST

It’s hard to find a professional Australian bodybuilder with such an impressive competition history. Lee Priest is amazing and has been in stunning shape since he was 13 years old. He doesn’t have a huge web presence but the above twitter feed seems to be his. He does a fair amount of re-tweeting but also concentrates on focusing on your fitness goals and reaching them.

#9: Ben Harradine – @bennharradine

He’s an Olympic level Discus Thrower that represented AU in the 2008 games. He does a fair amount of tweet about many different things, most of which revolve around fitness and an active outdoorsy lifestyle. Enjoy!

#10: Gym and Fitness AUI – @GymAndFitness

Last but not least we had to tell you about our twitter stream. Our team lives and breathes AU health and wellness, pumping out as much as we can to improve and enhance Australia’s fantastic fitness culture. Feel free to follow us and partake in all the goodies.

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