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Conditioning Exercises You Should Be Doing Right Now For The Santos Tour Down Under

Just two days before Santos Tour Down Under, the biggest and grandest professional cycling race in Adelaide and regional South Australia, the world’s top riders are in their prime. The question is, are you ready to take on this nine-day cycling challenge?

The Santos Tour Down Under is an eventful festival and the biggest cycling race in the southern hemisphere every January, opening the year with the first cycling race outside the usual location, that is Europe. It features top UCI WorldTour Professional cycling teams competing on the picturesque streets of Adelaide and regional South Australia. Prizes include important UCI points and the iconic Santos Ochre Leader’s Jersey.

This is not your ordinary bike race, it is more of a festival with the inclusion of bike-related activities, street parties, and endless food and wine tasting. Now that’s something to look forward to. But before taking part in this prestigious race, you must first consider your gears, and that includes your body.  The state of your body is as important as your racing bike. To help you prepare for the Santos Tour, here are important conditioning exercises you should be doing, like, right now.

Cycling involves strong leg movements, core strength, and overall aerobic endurance. Proper posture and breathing is essential to endure several hours of cycling. The key is to prolong the signs of fatigue, it’s an endurance game after all.

Planking and Leg Lifts to increase core strength

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The very basic core strengthening exercise you can do is planking. Now, to take the bar a notch higher, try lifting one leg each set to target some lower back muscles. Try to increase the time each round to 60 – 90 seconds. Leg lifts, on the other hand,  targets your abdomen and hip flexors, and by just placing your arms overhead, your upper abdomen will be the focus.

Forward lunges for your legs

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Your legs are definitely the most tired during a race. But one of the easiest conditioning exercises you can do to strengthen your legs are lunges. It follows cycling’s one leg at a time routine which is highly recommended to include in your training.  Always make sure that you don’t extend your knee beyond the leading foot and you keep an upright torso posture.

Build a strong upper body with Renegade Rows

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This move is similar to planking but with that extra something as it involves weighted equipment like barbells or kettlebells. Think that’s easy? Try to incorporate a push-up between reps to spice up your routine.

Kettlebell swings for power endurance

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Kettlebell swings are all about proper technique and posture. Hold your core, straighten your back, and thrust through your hips and lower body aiming your arms and weight to swing forward. Two pointers to take note first is to swing the kettlebell intensely and maintain a stronghold onto it, and second is to immediately stop your set when you notice your form is incorrect.

Keep in mind that you should also do cardio training to help cope with fatigue and practice proper breathing, along with these exercises. Start doing these conditioning exercises now so you can be at your best on this grand cycling race. Enjoy and have fun!


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