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What Type of Dog Are YOU?

If you want to judge a man’s character, don’t look at him while at his best. Rather, look back to when he was at his lowest and how he reacted. It is relatively easy to be positive and upbeat when things have gone your way; it’s a whole different ball game when life is kicking you in the behind. Imagine your lowest possible point. Maybe it could be after a diagnosis of cancer or during a divorce. How positive did you feel at that moment? Furthermore, did you feel like helping others in a similar spot, inspiring them to overcome adversity? For most of us, the answer is no. At those moments survival is our best outlook.

Mitch Grant is not like most of us. A few years ago his life was violently changed in an instant when an accident robbed him of one leg and damaged the rest of his limbs. A normal person would respond with anger and depression, questioning the world and his fate within it. A normal person would immediately forget about ever doing anything physical again and begin to wallow in self-defeat. Those are all typical reactions to such an abrupt life-altering event. For Mitch, it was a very different outcome. He saw an opportunity; a chance to help and inspire others, to those similarly afflicted and others living an unencumbered existence. He overcame those feelings of despair, accepted his new lot in life and began to prosper where others dwindled.

The least likely endeavour for a person with Mitch’s injuries might seem to be health and fitness yet he saw that this was the exact arena in which he could be best utilized. He has opened his own successful fitness centre, Good Vibes Fitness, where he provides daily proof that we are who we choose to be, that no matter what fate has handed us that we dictate how we perceive it and how we react to it. Mitch provides inspiration to others like himself and to a much larger audience who see there is really no excuse to be fit.

What is life but how we perceive it? This is one of many messages that Mitch conveys regularly as a public speaker, encouraging others who may not see any glimmer of hope. He is changing the perception of disability to surgeons and amputees alike, redefining the potential outcome of others severely injured in the future. Mitch isn’t preaching candy canes and rainbows, he is saying that there will always be ups and downs and exceptional hardships but our attitude determines our results.

Mike Katz, a legendary bodybuilder from the 1970s summed it up well. Mike’s success was far from meteoric; at each stage, he was told he didn’t have what it took. Rather than listen to his critics he pushed onward and became one of the most inspirational figures in the sport. Discussing a recent loss and whether he would retire, Mike said, “You know I’m not a quitter, it’s like a dog, you know you can kick a dog so long and it’ll do two things, it’s either gonna roll over and die or it’s gonna bite you and attack you. I’m the kind of person who is the type of dog who bites back.”

The difference between Mitch Grant and the majority of us is perception and viewpoint. We define our reality and how we react to it. Seeing his success after such a devastating loss makes us wonder how we would react. What type of dog are you?

Check out Mitch Grant’s website here.

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