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Tips to Prevent Ankle Injuries During Exercise

The ankles take a beating every day just from walking, climbing stairs, and other normal activities. Add in dancing, daily exercises, and playing sports and this makes the ankles susceptible to sprains, one of the most common injuries to those who work out and play sports. Many exercises and sports make your body change positions and plant your feet in awkward positions.

There are some simple things that can be done to help prevent ankle injuries while exercising.

  1. Wear a Brace

Those who have had ankle injuries before or who just want an extra way to avoid one, ankle braces are a good idea. A brace improves the strength of the ankle joint.

  1. Warm-Up

Understand the importance of warming up. Stretching and doing a light jog before exercising or playing a sport warms up the muscles, including those around the ankle.

  1. Start Slowly

When new to an exercise program, start slowly. Increase the time spent at it gradually over a week or so to help the muscles get stronger and more mobile.

  1. Pick the Proper Shoes

For those with a certain foot type like high arches or who has a tendency to pronate, buy shoes that have plenty of support beneath the arch and at the front. The back of the shoe and the heel should be stable. It is also a good idea to get shoes that are specific to the sport being played like basketball shoes, running shoes, or cross-trainers. Also, be sure to get new shoes when the tread and heels become worn.

  1. Run-on Even Ground

Try not to run on uneven surfaces like trails with loose gravel or rocky ground. When running hills, work up to this gradually and be sure not to run down the hill too quickly.

  1. Stop If You Feel Pain

When foot or ankle pain is felt during a workout, stop and adjust the workout until the pain is gone.

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