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Personal Trainer Of The Day, Lynsey McGee Says “It’s about the client, it’s not about you”

Today’s personal trainer is a mom of two kids, loves both teaching and fitness, and prioritises her clients more than anyone else, personal trainer at Hiscoes ( Lynsey McGee. Read the full interview below to find more about her.

Tell us your story, who are you and how did you start in the health and fitness industry?

My name’s Lynsey McGee, I run the small group training programs at Hiscoes and I am a mother of a 2 and 4-year-old. My mum was an aerobics instructor so I’ve always been involved in fitness. I didn’t want to follow in her footsteps but I was teaching English and training a lot– kick-boxing and weights, and I’d lost a lot of weight so I was really enjoying it… I thought why not combine teaching and fitness?

What were some of the biggest mistakes you made when starting out in this industry?

As a boxing instructor and a girl, I thought that I had to make my sessions really tough and complicated so that people would believe I was a good boxer. But I made them too hard, you need to remember it’s about the client, it’s not about you.

What makes your gym/fitness centre different from others?

Hiscoes is really a stand-alone gym. It’s family-run and I mean there are 4 generations of family in the gym sometimes! My partner’s grandmother started the gym with her daughter in 1981 and now our kids are running around in here playing on all the equipment. It’s also in the middle of Surry Hills so we get a real mix of people in here just like the suburb. It’s not like a new gym where all the equipment is shiny, over the years we’ve kept the good stuff, chucked out all the bad stuff and we keep getting a couple of new things each year so it’s really tried and tested. The best thing about it is that the weights area is not over the top. It’s pretty friendly, people are nice, they don’t stand around flexing too much!

What is your greatest guilty pleasure when it comes to food?

Chips! Definitely, I love them deep-fried and salty!

What are some of your tips these coming holidays?

Take your sneakers with you. Then you don’t have an excuse not to at least go for a run. And try something different – how about a trapeze lesson or kayaking? Get into some fitness outside the gym.

What are your goals or plans this coming 2015?

Personally, I’d like to be more organised! Lot’s of filing and cleaning and life-admin. Professionally I’d like to see us take on a few more ‘non-gym’ type activities and partner with people who haven’t traditionally worked in gyms. We are starting acrobatics workshops and a fun 80’s style dance aerobics class called RETRO SWEET. I’d also like to start some programs for kids or teens.

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