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Healthy Nutrition for Exercise

Eating healthy is very important when engaging in workouts and exercises to build muscles or lose weight. Healthy eating before and after exercises can help one benefit optimally from workout sessions. Here are some simple healthy nutrition guidelines to use along with exercises.

Morning Workouts

To prevent dizziness or hungry feeling during workouts, it is advised to get something to nibble before engaging in early morning workouts. Give the body a little bit of time to digest the food before beginning the workout. For example, one can take in 200 to 300 calories an hour before a morning workout.

Refrain from taking in foods that are high in fat and protein, because these will require longer periods of time to digest. Simple sugars found in stuff like juice are better as they are quick to digest. They can, however, make you tire easily as they can cause blood sugar levels to rise and fall quickly. The best options include whole-grain bagels, bananas, sports drinks, raisins and beverages that are high in carb. A granola bar that is low in fat with a little peanut butter can ideally be taken 30 minutes before the early morning run. Peanut butter contains monounsaturated fat, which will make the body feel full and help the body to lose weight.

Lunchtime Exercises

By lunchtime, the body has already spent off the breakfast taken. A balanced meal of about 300-400 calories rich has to be eaten. Since fatty foods and protein take longer to digest it is best you stay off these types of foods before a workout. A ratio of 20% protein, 60% carbs and 20% fats is good. Best meals to take before lunchtime workouts include yogurt, bars, shakes, fruits and oatmeal. If all only snacks were eaten before a workout, it has to be complemented with a balanced meal after the workout to restore lost energy.

After Work Exercises

Engaging in exercises when one is hungry or tired is not healthy. Try eating at least 2-3 hours before the close from work if you plan to do some exercise later. A balanced meal of about 400-500 calories rich is most appropriate to give the body the needed energy. Foods like crackers and cheese, vegetables and cottage cheese, muffins made from whole grains and snickers.

In conclusion, it is important that you balance proper and healthy nutrition with exercises to get the best results. Do not also forget the importance of taking lots of liquids during and after the exercises to replace lost fluids.

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