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Eating Once a Day – A Safe Weight Loss Strategy?

There are a million different strategies used every day by people who want to lose weight, but one idea that has stuck around for many years is to simply eat once a day. Those who follow this rule give themselves one good meal to fill up their stomach and then forget about food for the rest of the day.

Or do they? I have a sneaking suspicion they don’t forget about food for the rest of the day. Most of them think about food and perhaps even fantasize about food. They just don’t allow themselves to eat any more of it beyond that one meal.

Is this a healthy weight loss strategy? There are many people who stand by this rule because they have lost weight following it. Yet, there are many problems that arise with an eating strategy as restrictive as this:

  1. You aren’t providing your body with enough nutrients and vitamins to stay nourished.
  1. Your blood sugar levels will crash without nourishment during the day.
  1. You are depriving your body of a long term, ongoing source of energy.

The unstable blood sugar levels alone would make most people feel quite bad during the day. They may get headaches, feel shaky, or simply run out of energy and find themselves lethargic.

If this behaviour continues over a long period of time there can be serious consequences. Eating too much during that one meal could lead to weight loss for many people. Not eating enough during that one meal could lead to deficiencies in essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals that the body needs to be healthy.

Yes, some people can lose weight when they limit themselves to just one meal a day. The problem is many others may consume too many calories and gain some weight while others are weak and unequipped to power through workouts or just daily life.

Are the consequences really worth it?

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