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10 Blogs to Inspire the Mind, Body and Spirit

Being fit and healthy is the goal of millions of people, but sometimes putting that goal into action requires a little outside help. Health and fitness blogs are a great source of inspiration and the best ones can make you put down that bag of Twisties and hit the gym! Here are some you have to follow for guaranteed fit-spiration.

Daily Dose Fitness


Who? Amanda Marie, a personal trainer who turned her unhealthy life around and now inspires others to reach their health and fitness goals.

Why? Amanda is the first to admit that her health was on a downward spiral before she took things more seriously. Long-time followers of hers have seen her transform from a borderline diabetic to an award-winning bodybuilder and passionate fitness advocate. Her blog is consistently inspiring and her fitness programme, which is available to purchase, is very popular.

What? If you want instant motivation, check out her post on nutrition. She makes it quite clear that there are no excuses for eating bad food! Enjoy: Stop Making Excuses for Poor Nutrition

Jo Hilder

Who? Jo Hilder, a cancer survivor and cancer coach.

Why? Jo has gone through an incredible journey of survival, which led her to create her blog and write several books too. Her Christian faith is the backbone of her blog, which touches on topics including mental health, relationships and simply loving the life you lead. Her regular posts are a fantastic source of inspiration to ensure you leave a healthy life not only physically, but mentally.

What? Her popular blog on marriage offers a fantastic insight into what many people don’t talk about so openly.

Body Bliss Central

Who? Sandy Ross, an Australian-based holistic counsellor and coach.

Why? Sometimes people just need to love the body they’re in, which is what Sandy aims to help with. Having struggled with her own body issues, she understands how it feels not to have the ‘perfect’ body. Her posts on self-love are open, honest and relatable – which is why her blog is so popular with women all around the world.

What? The best place to start is her blog on self-respect. If you don’t respect yourself, why should anyone else? Respect Yourself

My Body Zen

Who? Abby Hopson, a fitness enthusiast and holistic nutrition student.

Why? Illustrated with beautiful images, which are enough to inspire you to be healthy on their own, Abby’s blog offers everything from healthy recipes to progress reports on her own health and fitness efforts. What’s great is that everything she suggests and does is very achievable – it’s not just gross tasting smoothies and workouts that only athletes can complete!

What? Seeing what a blogger has achieved through the methods they suggest is always inspiring. Check out her latest progress report here A Post About Progress, then browse the site to find out how you can get the same results.

Simple Life Strategies

Who? Zoë B, a life coach who has worked with some of the world’s biggest corporations.

Why? Life can be confusing even at the best of times and sometimes you just need a little push in the right direction. The aim of Zoë’s blog is simply to make you happy. It’s about getting the most out of your life by making the right decisions for you. Her award-winning blog offers fantastic tit-bits of information that will brighten up your day.

What? ‘How to make the right choices in life’ is a great place to get an introduction to what her blog offers. There’s something everyone can take away. Choices

Sweat Like a Pig

Who? Tara, a former journalist turned personal trainer who currently aims to enter England’s Strongest Woman in 2014.

Why? This blog isn’t for couch potatoes! If you want to take your fitness to another level, then Tara can head you in the right direction. She specialises in weight training, loving the fact that she can lift more than most men! As well as fitness tips she gives advice on nutrition, body image and words of wisdom.

What? If you’re just starting out, her beginners series on lifting is the perfect place to start: Beginner Lifting Series Training Frequency.

Vegan Sparkles

Who? Rebecca Weller a vegan from Perth.

Why? Her colourful and good-enough-to-eat blog is enough to convince you to turn vegan if you aren’t already! As well as the loss of mouth-wateringly good recipes (think healthy juices, salads and sweet treats), her health and wellness posts cover everything from pregnancy to yoga for a holistic approach to health.

What? Want to start feeling good now – like, right now? Her 6 Steps to Bringing More Health to your Everyday is your post: Bringing More Health to your Every day.

Donna and Tora

Who? Donna and Tora, two women who have overcome very different weight struggles.

Why? There really is something for everyone on Donna and Tora’s blog. Donna was once 30kg overweight, while Tora was underweight due to an eating disorder. They have truly turned their lives around and now offer unbeatable guidance and advice for other people looking to do the same thing.

What? Sometimes the simplest advice can have the best results. Here’s an easy one to get you started: Water and Weightloss

Sally Symonds

Who? Sally Symonds, a healthy life mentor who is considered to be one of Australia’s leading health and fitness experts.

Why? Over a decade ago, Sally lost half of her body weight and has managed to keep it off. Her blog, which complements her books and health products, offers easy-to-digest health and fitness advice and solutions to everyday problems that you can start taking on board immediately.

What? Ice cream for weight loss?

My Healthy Happy Home

Who? Giselle Schroer, a stay-at-home mum with a passion for all things health and fitness.

Why? Giselle’s beautiful blog is brought to life with stunning photography to complement the usable advice she offers. Her recipes are definitely a highlight, and rather than being so healthy they’re inedible, she offers mouth-wateringly good meal suggestions suitable for all members of the family. She also gives great workout suggestions, many of which you can easily do at home.

What? Start on her recipe page for instant inspiration

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